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Brother and Sister love: A guide to get you in the present moment

When you can give without giving, without expectation. Share times that are true without limits and boundaries, without judgements of the self or others.

Respect for the self, goes a long way. Respect for moments that embrace the self to enjoy the moment that has been gifted to you, through creation of the now. More than you can imagine, only if you embrace the now.

What is the now moment?

The now moment is existence in its truest purest form, timeless, endless, with no age, no male, female, just life. A constant life cycle, that supports itself through the breathe of unconditional love.

When you take that deep breath, when you sleep, when you feel your whole body relax, or when you meditate or take a bath with all the bubbles possible from Radox. That deep breathe from deep within, within the body, spirit and mind, you experience presence.

A beautiful being will shine and be what it is regardless of the circumstance.

Free flowing,

Flowing forever with an immaculate glowing,

Taken steps on a trusted path without showing,

Or be shown the next step, but the spirit is all knowing,

The physical,

The myth,

The truth, that we live,

Is what make and allows to unconditional love give.

Where you stand alone we all stand together, connect in a rhythm of life, that’s smiles, laughs, understands, listens and is patient.

We, you commit, you surrender to the present moment. You interact with people, other human beings that pass by you day to day.

We look down at the floor, that cements us to the ground. Look forwards, up, down, left, right, around and experience an interaction with the world that is perfect, peace and unconditional love.

Unconditional is mainly the love we share with family, close friends and our children, but ultimately this love is to be shared with all.

For example; your pet dog doesn’t disown you because you look or dress funny. Your dog loves you for the care and attention that you pay to them. A tree doesn’t judge a tree standing side by side.

That feeling we both experience and fully understand,

Trust what is right and to fruition will come plan,

Truth or lies?

Do we all make choices?

Can we all feel inside what is right?

Instinct, feeling, emotions, physical reaction, conditioning, nurture and blessings,

Leaves me even in the clearest of minds, somewhat second guessing

Instinct, feeling, emotions, physical reaction, conditioning, nurture and blessings,

No, I am not second guessing, only embracing every positive moment in life finding answers in questions,

and questions in answers

that leave us to ‘be’

true to our essence of ‘being’, at one and whole with all

a safety blanket, surrounded by those who are willing to catch you when you fall.

Embrace the now and feel at one with your brothers and sisters.

A guide to get you in the present moment

Engage GAAWO

Gently – Alert – Awareness – Wide -Open

  1. Look straight – forward, focus on something in front of you that is eye level
  2. Let your gaze be wide open

Don’t turn your head or move your eyes for the following steps – just keep looking forward

  1. Open your gaze to look down
  2. Open your gaze to look up
  3. Open your gaze to look left
  4. Open your gaze to look right

You are now in the present moment – centered – with awareness wide open – now you can look around and just be a ‘human being’.   Mind Calm, by Sandy Newbeginning


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