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Animal Rights

Elephant Cries Tears Of Joy After Being Released From 50 Years Of Captivity

by Joe Martino | This is a touching story of an elephant named Raju who was chained and in captivity for his entire life -50 years. Just recently, wildlife experts, police, vets and Forestry Commission officers set him free. What is so touching is that during the rescue, just when he was very close to being rescued, Raju began to cry ...

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15 Before & After Pics Show The Difference A Day Of Adoption Can Make To A Shelter Pet

by Arjun Walia | I found these pictures floating around on the web and had to share them. I grew up with a dog who was abandoned and dropped off at a shelter. He had many problems, so much so that it is highly doubtful that another family would have taken him in. He would have been euthanized. I have also ...

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This Guy Didn’t Speak For 365 Days To Raise Awareness For Animals

by Mark DeNicola | To many of us, the idea of going an entire day without speaking seems unfathomable. We depend on our voice to express ourselves, to connect with one another and to distract ourselves from the seemingly limitless thoughts of our mind. On January 1st, 2014 Australian James Aspey began what would become a remarkable feat to help raise ...

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10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Vegan!

Editor’s Note: If you are thinking about turning vegan but wonder where to start, don’t miss Matt’s talk at Gathering of Minds​ tomorrow. Matt was a professional fighter and a vegan. His talk is really inspirational and will give you all the reasons you need to ditch the animal products.. Event info – Click Yes, becoming a vegan is as ...

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How I cured my IBS Naturally… A Raw Transformation

by Lia Aquila | ‘’Well the MRI didn’t show primary progressive MS or a brain tumour like we thought, I don’t know what else to suggest, maybe come back if it gets worse and we could send you to a another specialist’’ said the neurologist shrugging his shoulders after 2 months of tests. Luckily I didn’t believe healthy fresh updates ...

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