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Guayusa Tea: How This Amazonian Ceremonial Tea Is Helping People To Ditch Coffee (Plus Science Studies)

Jess Lewis | Gathering of Minds Every single day, before dawn, members of the Kichwas tribe gather together around a communal fire and drink Guayusa (Guayusa Ilex, pronounced Gwhy-YOU-sa). Kichwas people believe it is Important for the body to receive Guayusa first thing in the morning when they first wake up. They then share the dreams that they’ve had during ...

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7 Fitness Hacks that will Actually Change your Life

The fact that regular workouts and physical activity mean so much to our body that means we should start living healthy and stop being lazy about working out. How many times has a person come up to you after a gym session or a jog and told you that they feel great? Too many times I presume. Not only does ...

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Signs That Your Workout Is Not Enough

Bill Brown | If you are spending hours in the gym, without getting any results, you might want to do a double-take in your fitness routine and find out what is delaying the progress. Here are five possible reasons why your work-out is not enough. Doing it twice a week rather than once Strength training or other forms of exercise ...

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The Easy Way To Start Exercising

by Stephan Gardner | What’s the easiest way to begin exercising? Let me tell you, the answer is probably easier than you think. In fact, it’s quite obvious when you think about it, but is often overlooked by most people who don’t exercise. I’m one of them. I rarely exercise at a gym or do squats or lift weights or whatever else the fitness ...

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10 Warm-Up Exercises You Should Include Into Your Workout Routine

The warm-up is a highly important part of your workout routine and, yet, is ignored by most people. Avoiding warm-ups doesn’t allow you to perform the rest of your workout routine adequately, it can also cause pain and many other difficulties that will prevent you from exercising. The warm-up is especially important before weight loss exercises and exercises for back ...

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