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This Guy Gave A Homeless Man $100 & Followed Him To See How He Spent It (Powerful)

by Joe Martino | How many times have you talked about giving money to a homeless person and someone responds with the line,  “There’s no point, they will just spend that on alcohol.” Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are cases where this does occur, but how are we to know who will use it responsibly and who won’t? ...

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Did Magic Mushrooms Send Santa & His Reindeer ‘Flying’? Investigating Pre-Christian Santa Folklore

by Jeff Roberts | *Edit: Gathering of Minds by no means promotes eating wild amanita muscaria. Although very rare, there have been reported cases of amanita posioning so we suggest doing your research before trying to hunt it down.  As a child, the Christmas season always represented great things. The holiday cheer, the familial celebrations, and most exciting of all, presents. ...

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Why “Good” People Do “Bad” Things

by Rajie Kabli | We always say, “If people were just nicer to each other the world would be a very different place.” But when we say nicer are we really just referring to behaving in a way that is honest? We all aspire to be good people, but thinking good thoughts and acting in accordance with them are two separate ...

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The Ultimate Tip to End Procrastination

by Joe Martino | The funny thing is it took me an entire week to finally start this article!! Just kidding, but that’s only because I use one ultimate tip to avoid procrastinating! When I was in school I used to procrastinate. This could have largely been due to the fact that I did not like school nor school work, but nonetheless ...

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The 6 Habits of Successful People

Success doesn’t come accidental. It comes from reliable hard work in pursuit of a dream. It comes from a fervor that forces you, day and night. Success also comes from continually and diligently employing some key habits that place you for greatness. Though everyone’s meaning of success is different, it is quite easy to place that label on the person ...

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by Jody Shield lts all about the Heart As you know I’m all about the heart. I love public speaking from the heart. It’s completely transformed my style and experience, and I’m curious to share this with other speakers. I wonder if they’ll get it? Be interested in hearing more? And if they ever speak from the heart.     ...

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