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Heart Healing: 3 ways to begin your journey…

Heart Healing: 3 ways to begin your journey… by Jody Shield  Heart Healing is incredibly transformational, and an essential part of any relationship journey, especially with yourself. The technique of Heart Healing involves a really deep and thorough clearing-out of all the old stuff: emotions, beliefs about love, trauma and unhealed memories. Once this is in-progress…WOW you know it! And your whole world ...

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How to Harness the Potential of Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

by Dr. Bruno R. Cignacco (PhD) Relevance of intuition Intuition is also called sudden discernment, gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, epiphany, aha moment, revelation or hunches. In this book it was explained that your subconscious mind is unlimited as compared with your conscious level. In that sense, your hunches are shortcuts to your unconscious mind. The subconscious level tends to ...

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Healing the Genes through Integrity with Nature! – Amazing story of survival against docs odds!

by Marius Spiridon   It  was a nice, cozy flight from Bucharest, Romania to JFK, NY, in august 2007. I was going back home to Denver, after having a great vacation with my family, as a successful 30 years old businessman and human being. I was all pumped up and happy, full of purpose and extra reasons to help people ...

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92 different symptoms of Aspartame

Probably one of our strongest interviews to date. Gurds Hundal and myself, Jess, talk to Dr Betty Martini on the dangerous and toxic sweetener added to many foods in the UK – Aspartame

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Tee total festival

Festivals are so much fun! All your mates together, the lycra, the wigs, the glitter and some of the best times. But let’s face it, a big part of the banter is fuelled by the booze (and the rest). So can you still have all the shameless fun, loads of energy and get super-high to party all-night-long when you no ...

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The benefits of Chaga Mushrooms!

Chaga tea, also known as the ‘herbal healer’ is one of the most powerful sought after mushrooms on earth. Recently it has been publicised as having anti cancer properties. Among many benefits studies have shown that it had anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-candida and even anti-malarial! And the 2005 publication “The Pharmacological Potential of Mushrooms” reported it is “anti-HIV” , as ...

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The Halo Effect – The Art of First Impressions

Whether we are conscious of the Halo effect or not there is no doubt that it governs our lives. Studies all around the world have proved that the aesthetic factor plays a vital role in the human decision making process! In other words, scientists have proven that there’s a close connection between the way someone looks and the rate of success ...

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MenoPAUSE to relax

You’re not alone One of the first points to remember with anxiety is you are not alone. Thousands of women during every time of their life, face anxiety in many different forms, everyday. Hormonal upheaval is something us ladies face throughout various stages of our lives without a rest. During menopause this feeling is exaggerated with a huge, sudden decrease in oestrogen and ...

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