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Quick Stress Relief Tip

[pb_lay_raw] Quick stress relief tip. When you are stressed, your muscles become tense and breathing becomes shallow. Changing the way you breathe will get rid of the stress and tension very quickly. My stress relief tip is do Peace Breathing every time you feel stressed or tense. I do peace breathing quite often. It is one of the many forms of deep ...

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My Hidden Truth – Depression

by Shardai Lynn I recently overheard a Mother talking to her daughter about mental health and was surprised to hear her say that depression was a ‘weakness’ and suicide an ‘easy way out’. Hearing that started a flurry of thoughts in my mind, all these years of hiding my depression and I thought I was doing the right thing. Time ...

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The link between IBS and Stress

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stress by Gary Turner Irritable bowel syndrome and stress. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or ‘IBS’, is a disorder involving a collection of symptoms that can include abdominal pain and cramping and changes in bowel movements. IBS has no known cause, though can follow infection of the intestines and periods of stress. In this blog post I’m going ...

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92 different symptoms of Aspartame

Probably one of our strongest interviews to date. Gurds Hundal and myself, Jess, talk to Dr Betty Martini on the dangerous and toxic sweetener added to many foods in the UK – Aspartame

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