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Heart and Mind Festival

Heart & Mind is an International participatory festival connecting wisdom keepers, sacred sound, art and science from all corners of the world. Through art, music, culture and visionary workshops and activities, we will come together to deepen the connection to our hearts and minds and create new visions for the future of ourselves, the earth and humanity. 16/17 September, London ...

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Union Street

Our vision is to create integrated multi-channel commercial and social campaigns that lead to significant and sustainable changes in commercial awareness and consumer behaviour or issues affecting people, or both. We’re what we call a ‘Living Company’; we see ourselves as visionary impacting on the world using a holistic, sustainable and grounded approach. We want to help companies, and people ...

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Caduceus Magazine

Caduceus magazine is focused on health, healing and spirituality covering psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth, including natural, energy and complementary medicine. It explores sacred science and sacred geometry as well as climate change, vitamin D, sunlight health benefits, sound healing and therapy, homoeopathy, fluoridation, high-dose iodine and breast cancer, electromagnetic fields and pollution, animal communication, Mayan prophesies, psychic healing, ...

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Health.co.uk is the UK’s premier online guide to a healthy and happy lifestyle. We feature the very best products and services from across the UK giving you an informed selection for you and your family. Whether it’s Yoga, Ayurveda or Feng Shui, advice from the NHS, or the latest pronouncement from NICE, we will cover the story. Our editorial-style adverts ...

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Raw Fest

RAW FEST is an ALL AGES 3-day “decompression party from your every day life” providing a safe haven to relax, nourish, learn, play, and be creatively adventurous.  This drug, junk food, alcohol free retreat & festival is filled with conscious based/wellness/holistic/sustainable living lectures, workshops, creative live arts/music/performance, conscious film, grass games, bon fires, organic vegan/raw foods, market bazaar shopping area, ...

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Vegfest UK

VegfestUK are organisers of some of Europe’s biggest veggie and vegan festivals! We came into existence back in Bristol in 2003, when Yaoh manager Tim Barford had the idea of mixing the seriousness of veganism with a rock-‘n-roll festival atmosphere, where people can do the following all in one place: eating, socialising, learning about healthy ethical eating, dancing, partying – ...

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