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Past GOM Talks

Can you re-design your Karma? | Grandmaster teacher Mohan | Gathering of Minds Talks

Is Karma fixed? or changeable? Can life be enhanced for the better or does one have to endure what shall come?? The Chakras in the Aura hold the secrets. In this talk Mohan will give us an understanding on karma – and insight into how it can be possible to alter it. Mohan has been practising Meditation and Energy Healing ...

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Water Fasting: Everything You Need to Know | Loren Lockman

Filmed by jungavideoproductions.com | GOM 2nd April 2017 Loren will be exploring the critical impact of hydration and dehydration on health and overall functioning. This will include why nearly everyone is significantly dehydrated — even when they think they’re not, the impact of dehydration on the body and mind, why drinking more water alone will not get you hydrated…and how ...

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