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Is Male Circumcision A Violation Of Human Rights?

by Jeff Roberts While flipping through the WestJet TV lineup on a recent cross-country flight, I reluctantly settled for a popular daytime talk-show (my other options includedDays of Our Lives and re-runs of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo), which saw a panel of 4 diversely opinionated women duking it out to see who could make their co-host seem like the ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio pledges $15 million to save the Rainforest

Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation is handing over $15 million in grants to a number of environmental organisations. The groups include Amazon Watch, Save the Elephants, Tree People and the World Wildlife Fund. “The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore,” DiCaprio said in a statement. “We have a responsibility to innovate a future where the ...

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Introverts and Extroverts – the brain difference revealed!

 Arjun Walia | Scientists have discovered that the brains of introverts are actually different from those of extroverts. This isn’t too surprising, especially considering all of the research now coming out of the field of neuroplasticity. It refers to various changes that can take place in the brain (including changes in neural pathways and synapses) as a result of shifts in things like: a ...

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Greece Shuts Down Banks & Institutes Capital Controls: More Countries To Follow?

Christina Sarich | Greece just defaulted on its 1.6 billion international loans, even with a last minute deal with the IMF, becoming the first developed economy to default on a loan with the International Monetary Fund. The people of Greece have already undergone budget cuts to pensions and other social services, as well as numerous tax hikes, in order to try ...

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Do Plants Respond To Pain? Scientists Conduct An Experiment To Find Out

by Arjun Walia | The study of plants and other lifeforms on the planet is shedding light on concepts that were already known in our ancient world. Everything on our planet is alive. Just because it is living in a different form than we are, and has different biological processes than we do, does not mean that these lifeforms do not ...

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The First Ever Photograph Of Light As A Particle & A Wave Is Here

by Jeff Roberts Scientists at EPFL have succeeded in capturing the first-ever snapshot of light behaving as a particle and a wave,Phys.org reports. Back when Einstein first popularized the idea that light actually behaves as both a particle and wave, scientists began the mighty endeavour of capturing this concept visually. However, this is no easy task – the closest we ...

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