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Chocolate Pudding for Consciousness

Holly Paige |

I was fortunate enough to develop a balanced raw food diet with the help of Tony Wright, researcher into consciousness and human origins and author of ‘Return to the Brain of Eden’. This recipe is an embellished version of his recommended breakfast for optimal brain nutrition, covering most of the essential fatty acids, amino acids and many essential fruit compounds, all in undamaged form. In other words the ingredients are freshly prepared and raw, undamaged by heat and processing.

Basic ingredients:

Hemp Milk made with 150g hemp seeds soaked overnight in water

200 – 300ml liquid ( good water or freshly squeezed orange juice, dried fruit soak water, or a mixture of these. 1 orange gives about 50ml juice)

a little orange zest

3 dried figs, soaked overnight in water

3 dried apricots, soaked overnight in water

50g sunflower seeds, soaked overnight in water

50g pumpkin seeds, soaked overnight in water

50g sesame seeds, soaked overnight in water

3 bananas

few chunks fresh coconut or 1 Tbsp coconut oil

a few grains Celtic sea salt

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

2 tsps cacao/cocoa powder

Optional extras/substitutions:



purple corn powder

hemp leaf powder

he shou wu

goji berries

blueberries, strawberries,

lime juice and zest

prunes instead of apricots

walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias or brazils i instead of some of the seeds

To make:

To make hemp milk, drain the hemp seeds and blend with the liquid until the hemp seeds are broken down and the liquid looks milky. Strain and squeeze through muslin or similar cloth to make hemp milk. A muslin bag is easiest.

Drain the soaked ingredients.

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. By the way if you are using a very powerful blender it may not be necessary to pre-soak the dried fruit – you then get a thicker result.

You can mix a tablespoon of flax oil into each person’s serving increase the omega 3/omega 6 fatty acid balance.

This recipes is particularly delicious topped with fruit such as cherries, raspberries, or mango

Serves 3-4 people



About The Author

Holly Paige researches and teaches ultimate natural wellbeing. Her book Food for Consciousness reveals how we can regenerate out neural systems and health using the natural biological foods of our species. It included over a hundred delicious quick easy recipes.

Research shows that humans once lived and could again live in a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness. Even now we can significantly improve our brain chemistry to improve the way we feel and experience more energy, happiness, effectiveness, intuition, and creativity and deepen our connection with others.

Ultimately our DNA can once again be read to its full blueprint and we can experience life the way we innately know we are designed to.

You can find out more about optimal raw nutrition for the neural system and raw food eating plans that work long term from our events and books.

You can find out about the work that I am doing with Clive de Carle here



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