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Cleansing And Activating Your Pineal Gland (Third Eye)

Jessica Reid |

Your Pineal Gland is a physical manifestation of your Third Eye chakra, it is a pea-sized, pinecone-shaped gland at the centre of your brain.

It is known as the part of our body which connects like an ‘antenna’ to our higher-selves / spiritual being / consciousness and other dimensions, It is that which gives us vision without the ‘physical eyes’ being involved.

The pineal gland also produces the hormone melatonin which aids restful and regular sleep, seratonin which is our ‘blissful’ hormone which balances our moods and counteracts depression and it is also known to produce DMT which is nicknamed ‘The Spirit Molecule’ and ‘induces’ spiritual experiences, particularly out of body experiences (which is why people ingest Ayahuasca, a natural plant-form of DMT to have ‘hallucinogenic’ spiritual journeys)…

A healthy pineal gland is known to aid what we call ‘ psychic gifts’, visualization / insight through meditation, deep restful sleep, lucid dreaming, astral travel etc. and an un-healthy pineal gland is one that is ‘calcified’, one that has the opposite effect…

Our pineal glands are calcified from absorbing heavy metals and flouride and so to cleanse and activate our pineal glands, we must first start with removing these harmful toxins from our intake.

Here are some key tips… 

– Drinking filtered, alkaline, flouride-free clean water (Avoid tap water)

– Brushing your teeth with natural flouride-free toothpaste which you can get from your natural health store (supermarket toothpastes contain high levels of flouride which also discolour your teeth! )

– Avoiding processed foods and ‘junk food’ containing chemicals

– Using natural deodorant free from aluminium

– Eat as organic as possible, if not – scrub your veges etc. from the chemical sprays

– Avoid calcium products and gain your calcium through natural foods (greens are good)

– Really think twice and look into flu shots as they contain chemicals / heavy metals

Benefical herbs & spices etc. for the Pineal Gland to add to your consumption:

– The herb Gotu Kola

– Vitamin C rich fruits such as lemons, oranges, kiwifruit …

– Fresh ginger

– Raw apple cider vinegar

– Organic spirulina

– Raw organic cacao

– Tumeric

Over all, the cleaner and healthier your consumption is, the better

Activating the pineal gland is best done with meditation techniques, regular meditation where you visualize the third eye chakra being cleansed with a white light and being ‘lit’ with a deep blue/purple energy, also focus on visualizing the pea-sized, pinecone-shaped pineal gland at the centre of your brain and also cleansing this with white light and being lit up with deep blue/purple.

Silently communicate with your pineal gland and ask it to begin it’s cleansing and activation process, see and feel your pineal gland as being an ‘active antenna’ connecting with your higher self/spiritual being/consciousness, knowing that this will improve your intuition, ‘sixth sense’ and awareness of what is within your consciousness…

Also ask your Pineal Gland to healthily produce melatonin, seretonin and DMT as necessary for your highest good, knowing that this will improve your quality of restfull sleep, your dreamstate and spiritual experiences as well as an increase in blissful feelings…

Be imaginative and creative with this technique and make it your own for the purpose of your enjoyment..

Please note that it has been reported, and I have experienced for myself, that the activation of the Pineal Gland can sometimes cause feelings of pressure in the head, however if you are concerned, please contact your healthcare professional.

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Much Love,

Jessica Reid x





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