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Clearing Out the Clutter

This has been a rather intense Virgo full moon, already starting the energetic clearing which reaches its climax around the Uranus/Pluto square on 17th March, the total solar eclipse and Pisces new moon over the Spring Equinox.

To help you prepare for the coming upheaval (with the planetary alignments happening there is no other way to describe it), I would like to share my ritual experience of Clearing out the Clutter, it can be a rather painful experience, but one that is extremely rewarding hence my wanting to share it with you.

Clearing out the Clutter is a metaphor for clearing your life of anything, or anyone that is no longer going to serve you in the future. This is a ritual in taking what is most useful and leaving the rest behind in the past, where it belongs.

It means letting go of friendships and relationships that are no longer serving you. What I mean by that is any relationship that doesn’t allow you to be truly yourself; where you pretend to be someone else to fit in with that other person’s view of who they think you are.

This Moon gives us the courage to let go of any people, beliefs, addictions, conditioning or thing that is blocking the way for new things to happen and not offering you any other service. We have to make space for the new to come in.

When we have accepted ourselves- acknowledged the shadow sides of our personality and who we really are – we find a deep inner courage and determination to live according to our truth and our pleasure, and no longer remain trapped in someone else’s expectations of us.

When I returned to my Jewish community from the Amazon, I realised I had outgrown their limited way of seeing the world. My vision of myself had been blasted open and I couldn’t remain in a cultural identity that no longer served who I was becoming.

I had changed but those around me wanted to keep me in the safe reflection of who I had been. I became very isolated and stuck. I couldn’t move forward because the vision I was holding of myself was different to everyone else around me, and I couldn’t find the energy or will to fight it.

The first thing I did was move away from my family and friends, and started again in Brixton, where I knew no one and no- one knew me. I was then in a position to meet new people who didn’t know my past.

The second thing I did was leave my job and start writing my book. It meant eighteen months of financial insecurity and uncertainty, but I was willing to go through it to follow my dreams. It takes effort and energy to make the changes so that you can be truly yourself, but only this can bring true, lasting happiness, because you are no longer lying to yourself. You are really free to be.

But I also had a secret weapon, Trust and Faith in life, without which, heading into the unknown becomes a terrifying process. I am not afraid of the unknown, and this makes me powerful. I have learnt from my years of living on the edge that life always turns out right, even when it looks really dark, that I am always protected, and my FEAR is just False Expectations Altering Reality.

I no longer see my cup as half empty because it’s all about perspective. Change isn’t easy but living unhappy lives is more of a sacrifice. When we let go of what we are told will bring us happiness and start living the life we desire, some of our friends cannot or will not want to change with you, or like your change.

It is a Rite of Passage that says to the world – This is me and I send my energy out to attract more like-minded beings that honour, respect and understand my way of seeing the world.

Clearing Out the Clutter is a liberating process of letting go and this month it will be much more fun if you let go of the victim mentality, forgive others who do not and cannot allow you to change for their own personal fears, and forge out in your own way…then liberation is yours.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah x

About The Author

Rebekah Shaman trained with a traditional Peruvian ayahuasquero shaman in the Amazon, after he called her in a vision while she was working in a hotel in Machu Picchu.

Over the last 17 years she has been integrating what she learnt to be able to teach it within a western context. She facilitates traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru, runs regular shamanic retreats and workshops throughout UK and Europe, and has been lecturing on her experiences with plant medicines for the last nine years.

Rebekah also has a shamanic practice, offering healing, coaching and empowerment readings, and is author of her self-published book ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice’



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