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Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Divinityinlove |

You cannot communicate with your spirit guides as you do with humans. So, if you’re wondering why you cannot hear messages from your spirit guides or angels, it’s because you’re learning a new language, it’s from the heart chakra and it’s a feeling /sense more than mental or vocal communication. You “hear” it inside of you… their messages are often harmonious and only ever will you feel inner conflict and resistance if you know you feel good about their guidance but already, intuitively felt your own ego saying “no, I don’t want to let go of what I am proud of about myself, my strength is in self protection and I can’t let that go to be open and vulnerable…”

You will laugh at your own resistance because spirit guides talk with a feeling of kindness, compassion and almost annoying degree of tolerance which as a rebellious revolutionary starseed type of soul… you will most often want to test the limits of and when you realise there are no limits, you accept that their love for you cannot be defeated.

It’s agonizing because those of us who love to prove to ourselves that nobody truly cares about us, and that we are all alone in the universe… so we can feel justified in locking ourselves up and off from the world, not trusting anything or anyone EVER, and staying safe from disappointment in our underground prison… at this point feel all of that pain which drove us down there rise up to be questioned… faced… felt… as to questioning the truth or necessity of it.

That quite simply, HURTS! Pain you pushed down for decades and moved “on” from but never acknowledged the cause of properly in order to mature beyond the creation of each event… tries to erupt within you.

Until now, I’ve woken up out of meditation space because I didn’t know how to allow a gradual process… of healing, of building… or learning. If I couldn’t make something better on the spot, I’d put it in the shelf as a failure to be revisited when I am stronger and more capable. Now I’ve got a shelf bulging with content to unlock and address so, it’s a good thing I’ve learned a new way of processing… bit by bit, slowly. How amazing is that? Well, it’s a life changing discipline for me. So it’s pretty freaking spectacular.

The last note is, one reason we need practice in spirit communication if we are not that way inclined is because… if the only beings we know how to communicate with are humans, and in words or maybe body language but using our 5 established physical senses… especially with words which shape our reality and are so important… well, we may be on the defensive in our general mindset of listening to others since we are conditioned to expect judgement and criticism and condemn from most so we have a tough wall up so we aren’t affected.

The wall stands to protect our softness from being influenced by so many other varying opinions which from a young age, we realise aren’t good for US. Our society blurts out their own ideas without ever refecting on other’s different needs or desires, and so it is mostly ignorant and selfish opinions. Focused all together on the speaker’s own experience and nothing in relation to the receiver.

Well, hearing your angels requires deep and open listening… no ego in the way. There is nothingto hurt you and you can use discernment. Discernment is something we did not have as children so we were traumatized by the insensitivity towards us and around us. Now that we are less naive and alot wiser, we can filter what we want to absorb and what we’d like to let go so there is no need to protect.. just let.

Open heart… sit in silence and LISTEN, wait to see what you can hear.

I guarantee that when you sit in peace, and just breathe… you will hear more clearly. At first, your thoughts are all you can hear and that is good enough, in fact it is so important and yet we often are surrounded by other people’s noise and then have trouble relaxing in the quiet of our surroundings, when our own internal sounds become more obvious. This place of being alone and intimate with yourself actually becomes your haven once you get used to it and the next door which opens is the one allowing other beings of a higher consciousness to become guests in your personal space when invited. Many loving beings of parallel dimensions are hoping to visit you if you are welcoming to them and, these beings of good, benevolent nature like peaceful, tranquil and serene atmospheres where you are relaxed and can trust them with an open heart. Simply because they will never force their way into your attention if you are habitually avoiding them out of fear, fear of what you know nothing about or lack experience with.

You will gain confidence in no time at all if you simply practice this way. It’s free, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and it’s so safe that you can use it anytime, for any amount of time. Sit before bed or upon waking up for 5 minutes and breathe, be peaceful. See the massive change it creates in your channels to life opening up, and your connection with the universe awakening from within. Like a lotus flower, each petal receiving new consciousness waves through your breath and acceptance with acknowledgement of your desire.

Written by Divinityinlove 
Edited by Jess Lewis

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