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How To Connect With Our Higher Consciousness

Being in touch with our higher consciousness throughout moments in our lives can help us bring all the joy and fulfilment we fundamentally seek. The more we can connect with our higher self, the more we can bring balance to our world. With all the global changes we are going through this is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

The way to connect with our higher consciousness is to let it come to us, we cannot control this, what we can do is to prepare ourselves for this energy to flow through us. Yet we may want to control getting this because this is one of the most fulfilling and enlightening experiences we can have.

How we begin to open up to experiences of higher consciousness is by looking at ourselves as a whole. We are beings of energy, energy flows through us, that is what creates the lives we have. What is important is how our energy flows through us.

When energy flows freely in us, that is when we have the greatest experiences and when it doesn’t we can feel lost.

The functionality of our energy dynamics is not something that is commonly known, it is something that we ignore, maybe partially because we fear the unknown. We are conditioned to live in our minds, we are always thinking and we forget that there are other states of mind that we can have. When we want to improve a certain situation, we try to control our thoughts in order to control the outcome.

What if we decided to seek a higher state of mind to improve a given situation instead?

When events in our lives work out really well, we have a great experience, we are filled with positive and rewarding energy. This energy is very powerful and we most likely use this towards an ego boost. A mental boost feels great, but it will quickly deplete the energy and we don’t get any further benefits from that experience.

What if we could properly harness it and take ourselves to a higher level of awareness?

Here’s the bigger picture; our personal energy dynamics influence our minds and our minds influence our energy levels. We’re all very smart at this point and we all know how to use our minds properly to allow for further energy to flow in. For example, we can make better choices, learn to believe in ourselves to a certain extent and think positively to attract positive experiences. Then these events rewards us with more energy.

Now if we learn to expand ourselves on understanding our energy dynamics, we can increase our energy levels on both sides and therefore further connect with our higher consciousness. We can learn to create exponential growth in ourselves.

When we look at our personal energy dynamics we have to see what is blocking it’s flow. That is our fears. We are mostly not aware of our fears because our minds have blocked them out through the creation of belief systems.

The reason we spend so much time in our minds in the first place is because of this. The problem with fear is that we don’t look at ourselves as a whole when we deal with them. Therefore to free ourselves of our fears, this is all we need to do to get properly started.

The proper and effective way to overcome fear is to feel it’s energy and follow it back towards the source. All it takes is courage and hard work to reverse its effect on us. But that’s something we all can do, there’s no way we can get what we deserve in life without any work. We just need the motivation in seeing how our fears have suppressed our natural abilities and believe what we can become when we are free of them.

When we can free ourselves from our fears, we gradually open up the flow of energy within ourselves and we free our minds from belief systems we had. Then when we get rewarding experiences filled with positive energy, we learn to properly ground this energy in ourselves which connects us with our higher consciousness rather than only having an ego boost.

Knowing how to do this is completely amazing, it can open up so many doors towards all kinds of fulfilment. Freeing ourselves from fear is an incredibly fulfilling experience in itself.

Everything great in life is simple, it is only our minds that make things confusing. This is only because we can’t face the energy that is stored in us, therefore we over think everything instead. A balanced perception of ourselves allows to raise our awareness and we can clearly see the solutions to the problems and questions we have.

Here’s a meditation you can do to connect you to your Higher Self




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