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Connection: We are not separate, we are one.

Candice |

May we be patient with our Divine Masculine, nurture it as though we would a child. May we nurture and express compassion to our Divine Feminine, for she is a magnificent Creator and the Masculine is excellent at driving what was once an energetic pigment of our imaginations into fruition. May we express this patience and compassion to ourselves for we are made up of both.

Even with gender we have segregated humanity, we have marked a divide between us, as though we are any different from one and other whether we have a penis or a vagina. Are we not made from the same Creator, constructed as a creative expression of God himself as an expression of love, made in the image of God. Yet when we enter this physical plane, many of us can barely contemplate just how akin to God we truly are. It is all a part of the Human Experience that we forget the very Essence of our Being, only to encounter ourselves again and again through what we are not. It makes the discovery of our beauty that little bit more exciting when we meet ourselves face to face over and over again. What a boring life it would be to have nothing to learn, no new experiences, nothing to use to encounter and recognise God by.

We chose this. Whether you believe or not, we all chose to be here in this time. To fulfill our side of the prism and we all do this effortlessly, there is no need to think, as there is not right or wrong. There is no right path, for your path is your own and wherever you step is right, as you are creating it, as you step. Again, the concept of right and wrong has separated us, further away from ourselves, it is an illusion to think there is anything wrong with the way you are.

We have confused our differences with man made objectives about what it means to be right, the truth is no one knows what this really means because it does not Exist. We are all reflections of one another, searching for our very own meanings in the other, and we find it every time, sometimes it is so unbearable we find it and lose it again on purpose. We project onto the other and again cast that person aside with all the faults we have margined as wrong, bringing about more separation.

We are no different from the next person. Yes, we have our differences about what we contribute to humanity and to the holistic picture but the Essence of us is the same. We are all connected by the invisible string that leads us back to God! If we deny our Creative Source, we in fact are denying ourselves. It is what many of us spend our lives doing, denying ourselves, to express who we truly are. It is a man made prison but one we must make to separate us and thus know our freedom which then instigates our recognition of connection

Everything just Is. Begin to accept yourself and then you will learn how to accept the other and in accepting, you are connecting, like glue you are slotting in and being held where you belong. That is, in the bosom of love, of all Existence, not separate on an island as though you are the only one on the Planet, but with everything, knowing you exist alongside everything where there is no above and below, no left and right, just Oneness in the center, you are the center driving the outer layer. Connect, and connect deeply for your Higher Self has been waiting patiently to show you the route back to yourself, which is love. Let love lead you Home.


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Candice is an advocate of self-healing and well-being, adopting a holistic approach within her private practice where she offers a range of services such as Counselling, Angelic Reiki and Therapeutic Tarot readings. Candice is extremely passionate about the journey of the human experience and well being, she has a keen interest in the human mind and how our unawareness of it fragments the holistic view of ourselves, which incorporates the body and the soul. Candice is also has a keen interest in writing and uses her content as a modality to increase awareness further, providing a basis for healing and inspiration. Findingpeaceuk.com



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