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Creating Your Own Mantra’s to Get You Through Any Crisis

Mantra can be defined as a sound, word or syllable which is thought to be capable of getting spiritual makeover. Its type and usage depend on the schools and the philosophy for mantra.

The birth of Mantra took place in Vedic tradition in India. Later it became vital part of Hindu tradition and routinely followed in Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. In Hinduism the most basic mantra is OM. It is also known as “pranav mantra” as it is the source of all the mantras but did you know you can invent your own?

Think about what you want to change or attract. Write down everything you want to change such as ‘I am poor, I am unhappy in my job or I don’t have great relationships

Next to each one write down its  complete opposite for example I am a money magnet, I am financially free, I love my job, I have the perfect job.

Feel free to add them all together to make an affirmation or keep them separately if you want. I use mine separate according to what it is that I need. You can also write your mantra on a card to keep it with you or maybe post it somewhere that you will see it like the fridge.

Repeat your mantra to yourself throughout the day. So you don’t forget you could have a set time everyday to do it. Use it in the situations you’ve created your mantra for e.g when finances are low. Make sure to tap into the feeling as though you already have what you mantra says. This will help it manifest faster.

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