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A brief history of Crystals

Crystals are formed by the crystallisation of a liquid into a solid. Factors that will determine crystal formations and properties are that of pressure, heat, time and space.Imagine the earth as a huge moving ball of metallic fire (magma) that is constantly pushing liquids and gases to the surface, through cavities, cracks or veins.

As these liquids reach cooler temperatures within the earth’s crust they start to solidify/crystallise. These minute crystallite pieces start to form perfect geometric structures. Given the room within a cavity or vein these crystallites begin to form into larger crystals and gemstones. Different elements and minerals within the earth will vary the shape and colour of the crystal.

Crystals are said to have a vibrational force of energy, one that is part of all life force and naturally ordered individual vibration of energy the natural element of minerals. A mineral crystal, is a naturally occurring crystalline solid. They have specific physical properties and a definite chemical composition just like the human body. The vibrational energies within that are given off by crystals can be used in the healing of dis – ease

Crystal healing therapy is the belief that you can use crystals to improve the health of anything living. Records of crystal healing can be traced back to the Egyptians who used to have purpose black crystal healing chambers, the Chinese with the uses of jade for luck,the Native American and Tibetans who utilised Turquoise within spiritual healing, and the list could go on.The fascination of crystals and crystal healing has been recorded in many places within history; there are even references in the Bible.

The priest Aaron had crystals placed in his breast plate to aid communication with the angels and Jerusalem is said to have had gemstones placed within its foundations. The Egyptians used Carnelian and Lapis Lazulito make charms. In Native American history it is recorded that crystals were believed to come from the heavens and were used in rituals of initiation and healing.

Crystals and crystal healing receive many mentions within a lot of religions, as it is believed that they have a connection with our world and that of the spirit world of heavenly spirits and gods. People have believed and practised crystal healing, in many countries, for many thousands of years and as awareness of natural, holistic and complementary therapies grows the belief will, I’m sure, continue.



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