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Dandelion…the ultimate internal spring clean!

Tete Munalula |

I came across the subject of Dandelions at work whilst talking to a colleague about liver flushes and overall liver health. In the medicinal world, dandelions are seen as a prize of some sort. Along with Milk thistle, Burdock root and Artichoke, they are favorites when it comes to healing and supporting the liver.

There are many ways to enjoy dandelions. You can have the greens in a salad with some olive oil and black pepper, or enjoy them in a vegetable broth. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of dandelion root tincture to your water daily to improve your health all round.

As a drink, you can use the roots of the dandelion to make dandelion coffee or have a cup of dandelion tea. I have been drinking two cups of dandelion root coffee a day this week as I’m doing a liver cleanse, and I must say it has been really pleasant.

I was surprised at how warming and earthy it tastes, and I feel alert when I drink it. Its a great alternative to regular coffee, naturally caffeine free too for all those addicted to having that fix!

Native to Eurasia and North America, the name Dandelion is derived from the French “dent-de-lion” meaning “lions tooth”, referring to the coarsely toothed leaves. Dr. Edward Bach famously said, “many people died while the herbs that could have saved them grow on their graves”.

This is certainly true of many herbs including dandelion. Dandelion is usually thought of as that annoying weed that grows wildly. However, many people do not know of the wonderful health benefits dandelions have to offer us.

Dandelion health benefitsCost effective and abundant, you can find dandelions almost anywhere and they grow pretty quick. Ironically, dandelions are a symbol of survival, healing, and clarity in history!

If you go foraging make sure you pick the leaves that you know have not been exposed to fertilisers, herbicides toxins, and other harmful chemicals. Avoid picking from industrial areas or highways.

There are so many reasons to be adding dandelion root coffee to your daily diet. Dandelions help support the spleen and pancreas. They also help support the immune system and have major antiviral properties.

Dandelions contain a fiber called inulin, a prebiotic that feeds healthy probiotic in your gut.

Furthermore, they help with digestion and act as a mild laxative, while having a calming effect on the digestive system.

Dandelions act as a mild diuretic which supports the kidneys by helping to clean out excess waste while rebalancing electrolytes. High in beta-carotene, which we convert into vitamin A (we know that vitamin A helps to combat cancers) they also help reduce free radicals due to their high content of antioxidants.

They regulate healthy blood pressure with their high potassium content. They are also high in trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B12, C and D…the list is endless when it comes to the health benefits of dandelion!

Lastly, Dandelions are amazing for the liver because they help in removing toxins from the liver and act as a nourisher. They also increase bile production in the gallbladder, aiding toxin and waste removal. Many people use dandelion root tinctures in coffee enemas to boost and support the liver when flushing out toxins.

If your liver is clogged then you won’t be able to digest properly or eliminate food and waste by-products, so it is important that we look after our liver and cleanse it regularly. Moreover, we need to keep it clean so that we can absorb nutrients better and improve our health, preventing us from future chronic illnesses.

Start looking after your health by adding a cup or two of dandelion coffee to your routine, and kick-start your internal spring clean!

Tete Munalula x

How to make Dandelion Tea/Coffee

About The Author

Hello my name is Tete Munalula and I am a student from Southwest London studying Naturopathy! My love for herbs and natural medicine began when I travelled across India in 2012.

Upon my travels, I began reading the theory of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and ancient medicinal practices. I carried a little pouch with my Ayurvedic oils with a list of their uses and I began to forget about my bag of medicine that I brought from England with me.

The herbs made me feel more in tune with nature and that made me want to study it further. As soon as I got back to England I tried to find an Ayurvedic course which was pretty hard but I then found a naturopathy diploma which I am studying now.

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome in 2013 and in 5 months I managed to reverse my PCOS by changing my diet, lifestyle, using herbs, and using the principles that I was taught in my first semester of my naturopathic course.

My experience was inspirational to myself as I saw firsthand how powerful nature is if your believe in it. I am pleased that Jessica has given me the opportunity to share my story on the GOM website, and I hope my story would be inspirational to others!

Please lookout for any other articles I have to share on here!



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