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Deep Healing Doesn’t Happen Unless We Feel Safe

I’ve been working with people therapeutically now for the last 11 years. If I could share the one observation that’s stood out for me in the last decade in respect to what enables or hinders people’s personal growth… It’s the feeling of safety. Simply put, unless parts of us feel safe, generally speaking, we aren’t going to be willing to move forward.

We may have a desire deep down to do the work, to change or to invest time/money/effort into healing… We may even at a moment in time stand in absolute conviction of our commitment to doing something evolutionary. Ultimately though, when it comes down to it, we won’t make substantial investments into our healing if it’s not safe.

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What do I mean by ‘safety’? It’s not just the risk element, or the fear of the unknown… Our sense of safety is dependent on having the conditions present to be able to open up, to be vulnerable, to share or expose whats deep within. Maybe you can remember a time when you went into a crowded room of people you didn’t know and then you noticed later that you weren’t as forthcoming in starting conversations or opening up to people. Deep down, somewhere in your system, it didn’t feel safe enough to fully open up. And that’s ok because its a totally normal part of being human.

When we are on a path of personal growth, we need to feel safe in order to go into the deep healing levels our evolution. So having a dedicated coach or mentor, the luxury of time to move through processes, learn and reflect, people to engage and practice with on a regular basis, rootedness in a community, all become important facets of creating a safeguarded environment conducive to deep healing, embedded learning and long term evolution.

I come across a lot of gifted people struggling to unlock their potential. Often they’ve done countless workshops and retreats, or even a yoga or reiki course. They may be practicing some energy work but are jumping from class to teacher trying to find a clear pathway to evolve. They feel they need more impactful self-care techniques and deeper knowledge that can clear their heavy energy, stuck patterns, karma and trauma quickly. And at the same time they want to feel safe and held. Having all these things can seem like a luxury.


16% of the  general population have used practitioner-led Complimentary and Alternative Medicines in the previous 12 months, this is definitely a growing trend. More and more people don’t just want to do some therapy to keep themselves ticking over, they want to go all the way.

So how do we create the safety we need to go deep into our own healing? Read my top tips…

My top tips to preparing for deep healing

#1 Acknowledge where you are at

In order to develop the inner dialogue that’s needed to make all the parts of us feel safe inside and out, we’ve got to start somewhere. And that place is acknowledgment. What I mean is talking to those parts of us that get triggered, have opinions, feel resistance, pain or some other uncomfortable sensations and telling them, ‘It’s ok to feel his way’. Allowing our self to embrace whats coming up, without suppressing or trying to fight it can be such a huge relief to the system.

How we feel in any given moment is always ok, nothing is ever wrong. The trigger is an indication of what is there to be worked with. So acknowledge what comes up and over time, if we continue to speak to our selves in this way, those parts of us will relax, soften, and be able to transform those feelings.

#2 Give yourself Gratitude for the opportunity to evolve

If those triggers, sticky bits, opinions and resistance are indicators of whats there to be worked with – then those are all opportunities for growth! If that resistance wasn’t there, how would be know what inner work we had to do?

So give gratitude to what comes up and continue that inner dialogue in an evolutionary way. Say ‘Thank you for revelaing yourself to me’, or ‘Thanks for letting that be know, I’ve taken that on board’ to really embed a deeper level of trust between you and your  mind.


#3 Find a coach or mentor or programme that will give you what you need

Continue this helpful inner dialogue by asking those parts of you, ‘ What is needed in order to do create more safety, start to release, learn new tools and so on’. From there, you will get a great idea of the kind of support you need. Rather than taking any opportunity that comes your way, you can learn to discern between what you and your system really needs, rather than having FOMO and jumping into any ceremony or wanting to follow a trend or the crowd.

There are so many trendy themes and spaces even in the health and spiritual community that we can all get carried away with. Having a clear focus will keep you aligned to whats resonating with you.

2020 is the year of Crystal Clear Vision…

Its the year that we will see clearly who and what we are and what our mission is on planet Earth. It’s only a matter of time for us to be successful, the future is coming toward us… How will we stand here in the now? In fear or worrying about it? Or embracing what is to come.

It’s time to get clear and focused on our own personal healing and evolution. No hesitation. We’ve spoken about it a lot and now it’s time to really do it. Activate our human technologies and evolve exponentially.

I believe that gifted people can change the planet for the better, they may even know they are gifted and just need guidance to step into and realise their innate power. And really, you are all gifted.


Want to do your deep healing and be held in a safe and powerful constellation of like  minded souls?

Are you looking for a viable pathway into holistic healing arts and natural medicine careers?

Roop Sagar and I have just launched our Energy Medicine Practitioners Course, a 6 month course starting March 3rd 2020 – October 10th 2020. Predominantly online with 15 residential retreat days in Peak District, UK.

We will take 10 students on a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, deep healing and rising up into the natural teacher. We will cover 8 modules and initiate students into potent energy practices and techniques that will completely transform the way you perceive, believe, take action and evolve. At the end of the course, students will be able to teach others, practice professionally as Energy Medicine healers and coach other through their journey.

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Is this you?

This programme is part of a series of Teacher Training Programmeswe will launch over the coming years as part of our Conscious Community Hub, Earth School.


For enquiries and bookings contact Natasha Anand Boojihawon on natasha@yourearthclinic.com



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