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The Detoxing Myth!

By Sam Bearfoot – Digestion Detective

The Detoxing Myth!

Back in December The Guardian released an article called “you can’t detox your body. It’s a myth”. As you will imagine it has been around the internet many times and back and sparked many a conversation both for and against the article.

I was asked my opinion many times and given my specialism i.e. digestion I think those who have heard my opinion are a little taken back.

You see I agree with the parts of the article but let me explain why. In brief the article goes on about the detox industry and how the media and marketers out there have taken the word and turned it into a money making monster. This I wholeheartedly agree with.

For me when I see the word detox on a product I actually run a mile as I know it’s all a marketing gimmick. It also talks about these so called products being sold to those who think they can undo months or year’s worth of damage done with poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Again I agree that there is no magic pill, juice cleanse or procedure that you can do that will reverse all your naughtiness in the blink of an eye.

But where does this leave all those that really do want to make a change? They are so consumed with the constant advertising of the word detox, where do they do when they really want to make the U turn?

My advice is this and you need to ask yourself a few questions before you proceed?

  • Why are you looking to detox?
  • What are you hoping to achieve with it?
  • What are you going to do after you’ve finished it?

 If you’re answers are somewhere around these statements, then looking into a detox plan would be a pretty good idea for you:

  • Because I need to make positive change in my life
  • I need to break my bad habits
  • Continue to review, make change and take positive action

If of course your answers are based on quick fixes without further improvement, then a detox plan for you is likely to be a waste of money.

I never refer to a detox plan with the people I work with, it’s always a change plan and I urge you to think of it this way to because that change in mind set could be the key to great success for you.

I teach them that it’s all about the break, taking a rest if you like and we all need it from something or other. The trick of course is figuring out what you need a break from so this is why I suggest that you do a food diary for a week or two before you embark on your change plan.

Done properly it will show you all the areas of your diet and lifestyle that need some adjusting.

For example do you live on wheat based products or maybe lots of dairy? What about little exercise versus a very stressful job? How about 5 out of 5 days a week you grab a sandwich on the go from the local shop when really you should be making your lunch from home?

Doing these things day in and out you won’t see the pattern in your behaviour but looking back over a week or two will really highlight where you need to focus your efforts of change.

Once you’ve found your focus, drill down into it so that you understand how to remove or change it and do so for as long as you can manage comfortably. Somewhere around the 2 weeks mark is usually very useful.

My other piece of advice is don’t try to change your whole world in one go, small steps is the key here. Taking on too much change all in one go is never a great place to be as you are likely to fail.

Keep it small and manageable, you would be quite amazed at the impact a little change can make to your life.

Sam Bearfoot

About The Author

After spending a number of years suffering from a vast array of illness and discomfort, Sam discovered Kinesiology.

More than 10 years on she has since trained in this therapy, founded Body Sync in 2010 and is better known as the Digestion Detective having successfully positioned herself as the go-to expert for low energy and digestive wellness.

Sam has literally helped hundreds of people with their health issues and continues to do so using various natural and alternative means. She’s also a keen health writer and regularly contributes to various publications which have recently included Health & Fitness magazine, Daily Mirror, Prima and Cosmopolitan.




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