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Developing Balance through Collective Consciousness

Tiffany Morgan |

Collective consciousness in a general concept could be described in several ways than one. Once we say collective consciousness as identified in Wikipedia is the set of shared values and moral perceptions which run as a unifying power inside of society that has been created by a French sociologist Emile Durkheim. As we attempt to think it over, it can also be termed as the string that holds people in a place and be united or be in harmony.

But in the world we live in and also the society that we are in, it’s inevitable that individuals turn out to be absorbed in conflict since we cannot deny that most of us have our personal beliefs, religions and cultures that form us as to who we are. But collective consciousness isn’t just about a single person anymore-it currently looks at values by society in general.

If we look around us, let us attempt to examine if collective consciousness is there. Up to today, turmoil and arguments on numerous issues always happen and sometimes, it will become so undesirable that is causes rifts between nations. As a matter of fact, even a conflict in one country can turn out worse already.

However , thanks to the power of technology, spreading the word of developing harmony becomes very easy to facilitate. The challenge presented here now is how we can attract individuals from various parts of the entire world to listen for what you have to say. Achieving this is easier said than done. But before we go any much deeper to advertise world peacefulness, we must know very well what collective consciousness is absolutely about.

Collective consciousness is broad itself. Although not all people are conscious that collective consciousness, through being such a broad idea, happens in many different ways. Every day, we have up and start working. This can be a means of bring collective consciousness. Bear in mind, that whenever we all do our work nicely not only do we take advantage of it but we also contribute to the business where we are working at.

If the company is able to earn money, offer jobs and give quality service or make quality products, the economy benefits from it also. Thus from this point we can truly see how society may benefit from this and the fact that most if not all people in that place agree to work in to achieve goals even if they unconsciously am conscious that collective consciousness is taking place is already a move towards being united.

Collective consciousness occurs every single day in large and small means. Often times, we are unaware of it but we can always think of it that as long as people in a society has the capacity to continue with their day to day lives without having to worry about wars and conflicts that can ruin not merely physical structures but lives as well, then collective consciousness is at work. We should not forget that before we could start to make collective consciousness to happen, this willingness to change and start peace should start from within each of us.

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