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Did I Make The Wrong Choice?

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Have you ever asked yourself the questions: Did I make the wrong choice? Did I make a mistake? Am I about to make the wrong choice? It would surprise me if at some point in life we did not ask ourselves these questions as undoubtedly they are very common thoughts we have when it comes to reflecting on previous choices in life. I myself have asked this very recently; which is partially why this article is being written.

The world we live in can be tough to navigate at times as we have to make choices that can effect us in various ways. Whether it be in relationships, work, relating to finances, education or anything else that requires a choice, making choices that are one way or another show up quite often in life. But how do we know what the right choice is and if we made a mistake in what we choose?

I found myself asking these questions lately and although I know the answer to the question I still found myself trying to compare and figure out where I may have went wrong. 4 years ago when Collective Evolution started I made a choice. That choice was to jump into a journey that would inevitably pull me further and further away from the system and out on a path that was unknown. I made this choice and it has been an incredible journey, but it didn’t come without challenges.

Back then it was a time where I felt myself opening up to the truth of this world in a very accelerated mode and everything was happening so fast. I had a lot of choices in front of me regarding school, work and finances. Where my life’s path had lead me was clear that I was ready to move away from what I was doing and put my time into Collective Evolution. Next thing I know 4 years later I was sitting questioning; did I make the right choices leading up to this point? Could I have been doing something else all this time and would I be at peace doing?

The truth is there are no right or wrong choices, and I knew that, but my mind was still set on having me look into this. To the mind there has been a lot of sacrifices made so that I could do this work full time. Making documentaries, writing, spreading the word, running a website, short videos and assisting others takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t bring in a paycheque. As a result the mind can look back and think of all the things I missed out on.

The struggle and challenges that came with 4 years of living life this way. Did I make the wrong choices? Could we have done things differently so that things would be easier right now? Should I have stayed in the business world and only have done this when I had some time? These were all questions going through my mind about my choices and it didn’t take long to start feeling bogged down and crappy about it all.

I’m sure in some way many of us can relate to my story as sometimes choices we make don’t always turn out exactly like we imagined they would. I myself imagined things would have been very different at this point only because I was doing what I loved and allowing it to be. The truth is though, there were challenges I needed to have in order to experience what was needed to further my growth.

At the same time this world still does have a certain level of power and we must play inside and outside of the game at the same time. Playing in the game was something I wasn’t doing and did not want to be doing. But here I am, at a point where I must do what we all have the opportunity to do, look at our choices, learn from them and then adjust to keep things moving forward. This leads us to the ultimate truth:

There are no right or wrong choices in life, only experiences with different outcomes.

The key to my experience was looking at the various reasons why I was feeling bad about my choices. The idea that I was missing out on having money, a job, the ability to do more things was what made me feel bad. Had I been putting so much time into something that was leading no where when I could have been doing other things? Why are so few people out there doing what I am doing? Observing these thoughts and questions got me to realize there were coming from a place of judgment within my mind.

Although I am doing what I love and have a place to live and food to eat, my mind was still beating me up for the apparent “wrong” choices I made. How can the choice be wrong if I was able to learn this as a result? I did not learn that I did something wrong or that wasn’t ideal, I learned that you can’t make mistakes, you can’t choose incorrectly and you are able to find peace in any situation you are in.

Now does this mean we must always accept wherever we are in life and not work to make any changes? No, not at all. The key is whatever situation we are in, we must first look at whether or not it is where we want to be, what we want to be doing. From there if we don’t like it, first observe why. Are we in doubt of our choices like I was? Are we judging it and comparing it to what society deems as ideal? When we are truly free and clear of all the stories surrounding our current state, we find it much easier to make changes with emotion and force involved.

We can do things and change things much more smoothly and as a result they tend to come into play much faster because they are more inline with what we are projecting as our intention. Do you ever notice that when we are in constant judgment, unhappiness and are resisting our current state that we continue to create it more intensely for ourselves? By letting all of that go, we open more doors and possibilities because we aren’t stuck still trying to learn the same lesson we refuse to learn.

There are no wrong choices, there are no mistakes. Observe every experience that makes you uncomfortable, there is always a reason why.

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