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Do What You Love. It’s Your Gift To The Universe

Chris Paradox |

This is me doing what I love…

We all know that when we’re engaged in an activity we don’t like or find boring, time drags…especially at work, where we can’t help clock watching, even though it seems like the minute hand is going backwards!  On the other hand we all have at least one activity, that we love doing so much, that the complete opposite happens and time just flies by. We get so engaged in doing it, so utterly absorbed by it, that when we look at the time, hours have past, even though it only felt like a few minutes. You’ve experienced that right? We all have!

So what’s that about?

In the film Interstellar Anne Hathaway’s character Dr Brand say that “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space” and (spoiler alert) thanks to a father’s love for his daughter, it turns out to be half true (both love & gravity can transcend time and space) More importantly we know from our own experience that love “transcends time and space” because when we are in love, not only does time fly by, but we feel “transported” as if we and our lover exists in a separate universe. This is the language we use to describe the feeling of “being in love” and “doing what you love”. And so what love seems to feel like is something that changes our experience of time and space. Seriously. What’s that about? Here’s my theory.

The Universe in a Human Suit

We hold these truth to be self evident: goodbye daily grind Everything in the Universe is the Universe in a particular form. So you could say that the Sun is the Universe in a Sun suit. The moon is the Universe in a Moon suit. And the Earth is the Universe in an Earth suit. But that also means Mount Everest is the Universe in a mountain suit.

The Amazon is the Universe in a river suit. A Tree is the Universe in a tree suit. A blade of grass is the Universe in a grass suit. And you are the Universe in a human suit.

Now this isn’t the way we normally think about ourselves, but it’s self evidently true. It’s also helps to explain why the feeling of love is so unique and powerful.

Loving Communication

Science tells us that the ‘Universe in an Earth suit’, is a self regulating system...just like our bodies (these human suits the Universe is wearing). Our human suits self regulate through various forms of communication…electrical, chemical, hormonal and kinetic signals sent by various parts to the body to the brain and vice versa.We don’t know exactly how the Earth suit self regulates, we just know that it does. And so just like our human suits, there must be some form of communication between the various parts of the system. What if love was how the Universe in an Earth suit communicated to the Universe in a Human suit? That’s my theory.

Maybe the time-transcending-feeling of loving something that much, is the Universe saying…Yes! Do this! to your human suitWhat if just like every single one of the trillions cells in our bodies, every single one of the billions of people on Earth had a particular form, to suit a particular function, to serve a particular a purpose? And the “brain” co-ordinating all this was the Universe itself? What if the reason that the feeling of love is the greatest feeling of all, is because it is a direct message from the Universal Mind that you are on purpose?

What if all we had to do to fulfil our purpose was to listen to the Universe and commit daily to doing what we loved? Obviously I like this theory, because it’s mine (although wiser (wo)men than me have no doubt articulated it before). But is there any evidence for it? Well yes. Yes there is.

How Could We Live Without Love

Think of all the great books you’ve read. goodbye daily grind Now think of all the great movies you’ve seen. All those epic TV series – The Wire. Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. All the great music you’ve heard and all the songs you love.

Your favourite sports teams that stir those irrational passions that make life worth living. Your favourite software, your favourite apps and your favourite games. Your favourite technology…your i this and your i that.

All the beautiful paintings, sculptures, photographs, clothes, shoes, buildings, cars, furniture, jewellry, gardens, antiques. All the things you love and all the beautiful things human beings have ever created .What do they all have in common? They were created by someone doing what they love.

No small matter

What makes a great parent?  A great friend? A great wife? A great husband? Love. Could it be that instead of money, it’s love that makes the world go around? goodbye daily grind It was love (and purpose) that gave Vicktor Frankl and others the strength to survive the Nazi concentration camps.

Doing what you love isn’t a hippy cop out. Doing what you love isn’t unrealistic naivety. Doing what you love isn’t childish and irresponsible. Doing what you love is your gift to the Universe, which gave you the gift of life to do it with.

And no, doing what you love doesn’t mean you have to be a poor struggling artist. This is the 21st Century. We have the internet and it’s digital real estate, so today instead of the 20th Century 9 to 5 crap shoot, anybody and everybody can profit from their passion and make a good living online doing what they love…even a complete beginner.

So my final question has to be…what’s stopping you? Seriously drop me a comment and let me know what’s stopping you from doing what you love and let’s see if we can get you started again. I say started again, because you used to do what you loved when you were a kid didn’t you? Well it’s just like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it. Although you can believe that you have. Just remember, it’s built in.

Chris Paradox

Manifesting a More Beautiful World – Chris Paradox

Gathering of Minds

10th October 2015 London

Chris Paradox yourununstoppableyou

Back in 2002 Chris gave up a £70K p.a. Career in Recruitment Advertising to go and live under a tree in Battersea Park and sell the Big Issue for 7 months.

Mark Twain said “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why” and so Chris gave it all up in a desperate attempt to find his ‘Big Why?’

Chris Paradox will talk about his own journey with Conscious Manifestation and how it relates to the evolution of consciousness on earth and the creation of the type of world we all want to live in.

He’ll be explaining…

  • Why Self Love > Self Esteem
  • Why Your Shadow is killing us
  • Why Loving your enemies is the key
  • How to awaken within the dream
He’ll be describing a simply daily practice for manifesting your very own beautiful world.




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