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Does the Near Death Experience invite us for a new paradigm shift ?

It is well known that a mind given to fanaticism cannot be truly spiritual.  All attachments to a system, religious or otherwise, encourages the ego and that is why there are statements like, “Mine is the only way.”

Such practices can only serve to divide humanity and, across the division, bring in the inevitable animosity.  True spirituality is marked by unqualified compassion which is not possible as long as the ego is in charge.

This is where the Near Death Experience (NDE) alerts us to the need of releasing ourselves from all man-influenced systems.

Those who return from a short but clinical death indicate a paradigm shift in their psychology because they get briefly exposed to the unspoiled consciousness beyond the realm of the noisy mind.

All items of fundamental truths are universal in character; they cannot be the possession of any sectarian group. For example, the Heliocentric actuality of our solar-system is not dependent on who belongs to what religion.

True spirituality too has to be universal.  Those who have studied extensively the messages from NDEs see a central vein running through the NDEs indicating the universality of their signal.

The following narration by  one who went through the near death experience (taken from Raymond Moody’s book “The Light Beyond”) gives a glimpse of that fact:

“You know that this experience has a hold on your everyday life, from then on. Walking down the street is a different experience entirely, believe me.  I used to walk down the street in my own little world with my mind on a dozen different little problems.  Now I walk down the street and I feel that I am in an ocean of humanity.  Each person I see, I want to get to know, and I am certain that if I really knew them, I would love them.”

The other universal aspect of NDE is that all the experiencers lose the fear of death.  It is no longer a matter of frightful end to them.  They all see the true religiosity in moving away from the conventional religious attachments.

Humanity has not yet come to understand these universal feelings needed to unite people under true spirituality.  The out of body experience (OBE) also points to the pure spirituality untouched by man’s ego.

      Once we get out of the conventional rut, we start looking in the direction of what lies beyond the ordinary and begin wondering about the true, non-sectarian spirituality.

This wonderment guides us along the path of self-discovery and the associated joy.  Paranormal phenomena, such as OBE and NDE, begin to draw attention.

They seem to hold the key to discovering the esoteric side of life.  Mental relaxation follows.  The following lines regarding an OBE are taken from the book entitled “Leaving the Body” authored by Scott Rogo.

“It was on a night in October about 11 PM.  I suddenly found myself out of the body floating over a Highland moor in a body as light or lighter than air.  There was a wood at the side of the moor and the clouds were drifting past the moon and a cool wind was flowing.

I found that I didn’t mind the wind as I should have done had I been in my physical body, because I was at one with it.  The life in the wind and in the clouds and the trees was within me also, flowing into me and through me, and I offered no resistance to it.  I was filled with glorious life.

All the time, in the margin of my consciousness, I knew where my earthly body was, and that I could return to it instantly if danger threatened.   The experience may have lasted a few minutes or a few seconds, I cannot tell – for I was outside time.

I came back greatly invigorated and refreshed, and very much alive.  I remember thinking that if this is what the so called dead experience, how much more vitally alive they are than we are here!”

An interesting thing about the people who have had the NDE is that, while sharing their experience with others, they remain alone and do not form a clique amongst themselves against the rest of the humanity.




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