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Drug hit without drugs

Drug hit without drugs

by Gary Turner

I use many methods, including hypnosis, and without drugs, to induce a ‘drug hit’ with my subjects. In performance the reasons are obvious. Yet there are also a whole host of therapeutic approaches that this can be used with too. A drug hit without drugs?

How does it work?

Most drugs people take, pharmaceutical or recreational, don’t actually do anything to us. Rather, it’s what we do in reaction to them. We react in their presence. Once someone has a reference experience their physiology and psychology has the memory of what to do.

By driving the imagination we can create the drug hit ‘in vitro’. In other words, we guide the mind, and the mind and body create the effects. With me guiding the experience we can also ‘refine’ it, intensify it, weaken it, remove the bad bits, and increase the good. This is not just the mind imagining the effects – the effects are real.

This means that the drug hit can be created and intensified even more than taking the actual drug, and can be done without any of the side effects. Whilst I have used these approaches many times in performance work, and for great effect (and very carefully incorporated and applied and for specific reasons) in therapy, I am now wondering how this can be applied in the field of medicine.

The Placebo Effect

Most medical professionals would say only a fool would ignore the placebo effect – it forms part of every medical approach – our psychology creates it. This blog describes an extension of the placebo effect.

Placebos have been given instead of actual painkillers, to no less effect. This has even worked with ‘nocebo’s’ – where the subject knows they are taking a placebo. My thoughts are this can be taken further.

I wonder if one day hypnosis will be used instead of taking drugs for a wide range of conditions – just by recreating the effects of the drugs through the psych? Just putting something out there for people, especially medical practitioners and other hypnotists, to ponder on.

Gary Turner



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