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ego and spirituality

Ego and Spirituality – Finding a balance

Ego and Spirituality

Some people quest on the spiritual path to become more of themselves, authentic and make changes to serves the holistic self. However, many think they have dropped the ego, but sometimes what happens is that the ego is transferred into the spiritual path and still exists as it did before.

There are so, so many people that haven’t really got it!! They think they are spiritual but they appear egotistical within spirituality.

Spirituality is all about looking within, once understood the self, you acknowledge, embrace and let go. Most cannot let go!! The journey of progression is a continuous cycle of authenticity in every way.

People can get so caught up in searching and finding information outside of themselves.

Everything is you and you have all the answers. You are the library. The more time we spend in the ‘spiritual hospitals, doctors or rehab way of life’, the more we miss the bigger picture of just being.

I get it, we are so far from the truth in the west that some time must be spent in such spiritual environments and with such people. But, its not to consume our time that we forget about the ‘action’.

Doing, doing, being and being your authentic self. Being, walking the model every day!!

For example, oh I am vegan but now and again I have cheese or eat meat. I have become vegan just to tell people and be a part of group to feel accepted as the same’

We are all the same anyways, just all at different stages. Don’t let the ego self of acceptance fool you!!

Walk in the shoes of spirituality, don’t be a hypocrite. Be authentic.

If its hard to break free from alcohol, drugs or unhealthy foods and thoughts then be honest with oneself and don’t try to be anything else but your self.

The spiritual path is not easy. Stripping away all of our western nurturing to become into alignment with nature takes time. Its stripping back years and years if not life times of living in a stuck repetitive cycle.

Don’t be harsh on the self, be honest.

I ask of you. To just be you. Know one else. Don’t fall into the false identity of spirituality or religion. Focus on being what is right and aligns with your true purpose and instinct.

We are all spiritual in nature, we are religion, we are commandments, we are all.When people ask, ‘oh so you don’t follow religion, you follow spirituality’ reply with ‘no I follow  my heart and try to be as authentic to the truth of my nature as much as possible’

Stay away from stereotypes, keep it real. Keep it human. Keep it true to you!!’’

About The Author

As a Healer and Teacher I have a desire and passion to help and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives to be healthy and happy.

Experiencing a colourful life and loosing both parents to cancer spiralled a journey of discovery in the deeper meaning of life.

In November 2014 I ventured to the Amazon Rainforest and spent 20 days with an Indigenous Tribe, which connected me home, to mother earth. My journey so far has been incredible; all of my experiences empower me daily to be the happiest women on earth and to share the love and light with you all.

Read my messages with an open heart and receive healing from a voice that lays within you. Love Kaysen @ Pura Aura

See it and Grab It! ‘’There is so much opportunity around us, but only a few people open there eyes to see it. Are you one of them? We are living in the land of opportunity… so what are we doing with it?’’



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