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Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping EFT changed my life

Discover something amazing that has changed the lives of many including me. This technique helped me erase my allergies and others ailments of the people I know. Sometimes the results are so miraculous that it intrigues the medical professionals. This technique is called tapping EFT or commonly known as emotional freedom technique.

Many years ago, I was burdened with allergies and severe sleeping problems among other things. The extent of the disorders was the natural result of pressure in work and sick children. I was given a big responsibility and the salary was good, but the trade off was more of my time and personal happiness.

Day after day I neglected the growing weariness both in my mental and physical state, until the tipping point came, and it resulted in my hitting the wall straight with fatigue syndrome.

Tapping EFT may seem like a hoax to a newbie, because it sure did for me back then. I wouldn’t experience the possibilities if I hadn’t dared to try it. Now I frequently use it and coach others, so they too can overcome whatever negative emotions they are experiencing at present.

EFT has helped me a great deal. It took away my food allergy which I suffered from for so many years. I even taught it to my kids and their allergies vanished as well. Emotional freedom technique was introduced to me after recovering from the breakdown, and since then it was a great help for me and my family.

Emotional freedom technique is a method to lessen or eliminate negative emotions. What’s even better is that it’s so simple that almost anyone can do it. However, it is highly recommended that you first start off with an expert to properly guide you, and see to it that you get the results intended.

EFT is done by tapping on the acupuncture points in your body; the same points that acupuncturists use to insert their needles. It is believed that life energies flow at these points, and by stimulating them through tapping or acupuncture needles, we can normalize the flow of our energies.

Tapping EFT covers a wide range of issues, be it negative feelings, phobias, self improvement etc. You can try it on any problems you might have. It might be a trauma you experience, a depression, bad habits, allergies or anything you can think of that needs mending. Should strong feelings arise that you find hard to handle, contact an experienced EFT practitioner to tap with.

 Although the emotional freedom technique is often time successful, it does not guarantee instant cure to your physical problems. Like any other medicine it may require constant repetition and commitment. It might show results in a day or months. You should also remember that EFT should never be a substitute for a medicine or other medical practices, but rather combine it together with them.

Side effects? EFT is really harmless compared to over the counter medicine of all kinds. You can expect to get temporarily tired and thirsty. In EFT session you absolutely have nothing to drink, eat or insert in your body. You do not use instrument of any kind for this to be done.

It is basically a tapping of certain points in your body and a few verbal affirmations along with it. It will either work or not but for the vast majority of us who have experienced it, the results were great.

Sara Bern

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