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Gathering of Minds 4 Year Anniversary! Consciousness talks, Yoga, Sound & Meditation

September 10, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


4 Year Anniversary

Its our birthday! The last 4 years have been an epic journey and we are looking forward to celebrating with you! Join us for consciousness expanding talks, yoga, meditation and sound..


12.00 – Doors open 

12.30 – Hatha Yoga – James Faint (Bring your own mat)

13.15 – Using the principles of Theta Healing and A Course In Miracles – Sky Acamesis 

14.15 – Lunch

14.50 – Shifting initial awakening into a lasting higher state of consciousness – Jurgen Ziewe

15.50 – Break

16.05 – Tantra and sacred sexuality – Jay Diamond

16.35 – Break

16.55 – Sound & Love (San Lau & Peter) Gong, Hang Drum, Crystal Singing bowls and more

17.55 – Finish

Hatha Yoga – James Faint 

James will guide you through a Hatha yoga session that will set you up for the day ahead. Come and let go of any stress you may be feeling and reset yourself..

Hatha means forceful, but Ha also translates as Sun and Tha as moon. Yoga means a union and Hatha Yoga therefore means “the forceful way of uniting the solar and lunar aspects of man.

The sun is a symbol for the masculine and moon symbolises the feminine forces with in each human being.

These energies rest at the very core of our being and these energies are brought into balance and perfection through the practical science of tantric (awareness) Hatha Yoga.

This state of being leads to the awakening of Kundalini (pure bliss) the style I teach is zen yoga, which has the same postures but slower, and more relaxed as we practice movement meditation.


Improved mental focus
Stress relief
Improved respiration.
Energy and vitality.
Space is limited for yoga! First come, first served basis!

Tantra and sacred sexuality – Jay Diamond

Sex is important to most of us but it’s rarely seen as sacred. In this interactive experience Jay shares practical ways to increase intimacy, openness and sensual sacredNess into your love life.


What happens energetically when you make love with someone

What the difference is between tantric and regular sex

A beautiful technique to build intimacy and sacredness in your lovemaking

Jay Diamond is a shamanic, tantric yogini who helps people have powerful personal and spiritual breakthroughs with healing, psychic readings and yoga.

Shifting initial awakening into a lasting higher state of consciousness – Jurgen Ziewe


     For more and more people in recent years a veil has began to lift and many are becoming aware of the reality of a greater consciousness enveloping us, so much so that it is seen as a global shift in awareness.

      Awakening happens when specify conditions are met; it can come suddenly and spontaneously, as a result of a psychological transformation or be triggered by an experience of sublime beauty or even trauma. For many it is simply through the regular and devoted practice of meditation which allows a gentle and almost imperceptible opening up to a state of heightened awareness. But in nearly all cases, awakening is introduced by a powerful experience of oneness.

 No two awakenings are the same; they are as diverse and individual as the people who experience them. Each awakening is unique to the person awakening, depending on their personality, state of mind, life situation and manifold individual factors.

 Yet there is universal agreement, amongst those who have experienced it, that the fundamental transformation which follows and the way reality is subsequently perceived is no longer subjective, but rather based on an overarching consensus. Once the spell of personal identification is broken, our awareness radiates from a perception of unity.

 For such a state to endure the challenges of our daily lives the experience has to be integrated via an ongoing and consistent process of a here-now mindful awareness, until a point is reached where old identifications and attachments simply lose their significance


The impact awakening can have on our experience of reality,

How it can affect our perception, social interaction, awareness and psychological make up

The potentials for us individually as sentient parts of a universal consciousness.

Incredibly as it may seem, awakening is only a beginning and progressively much higher forms of realisation begin to unfold once unity awareness becomes our status quo.

Using the principles of Theta Healing and ‘A Course In Miracles – Sky Acamesis

Manifesting Love and Abundance; Using the priciples of Theta Healing and ‘A Course In Miracles, this talk s a deep inquiry into the mastery of miracles, manifestation and the most powerful force in our universe.
You are already good at manifesting because your thoughts and emotions already attracts what happens to you. So the big issue with manifestation is the quality of what you atttact, how long you can keep good things in your life, and how you feel when you have what you asked for.
We are going to talk about manifesting health, money, a great career, a better world. Most likely you are reading this because there is something you really really need or want, and you’re wondering if you can use the tools shared in this talk to get it.
The answer is Yes.
After years of helping clients and friends to manifest their dreams, I have indepth expierience of applying advanced metaphysical principles and making manifestation fast and simple.
I will personally share my own and other peoples stories from desiring something to manifesting it into our lives. You will easily see through these stories where you have been going awry in your personal efforts and get back on track.
I have personally manifested everything I want in my life and I know that everyone can. If you don’t understand the metaphysics of manifestation then you are leaving life to chance! Claim back your power to manifest your life and divine life purpose.

You will learn

How to Create Miracles and Manifest your Dreams

How to clear blocks to fast manifestation

How to bend time or slow time down

How to create positive feelings and vibrations

Sky Acamesis is a Director at Pandora Star, Author, Master Energy Healer, Hypnotist, Channel & Advanced Theta Healer/Practitioner. She has ten years experience helping people transform their relationships, careers, health and emotions.

Vibrational Gong bath with Crystal Bowls & Hang Drum – Sound & Love

Join us for a vibrational GONG BATH with Crystal Singing Bowls & Hang Drum! Sound + Intention = Healing. Be open to receive the healing vibrations of sounds!


  • Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.
  • Soothes, purifies and harmonises your emotions and feeling
  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain. 
  • Releases stress

Also on the day!

Hot and cold vegan food, raw desserts and stalls selling handmade clothes, jewellery, indigenous arts, shamanic tools and more.

CONCESSIONS – If you are on benefits or a student you can get a concession ticket for £10 – please contact jess @ ourgom. com 




September 10, 2017
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Brady Arts and Community Centre
192-196 Hanbury St
London, E1 5HU United Kingdom
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