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Two Year Anniversary – Zohar Bahir: From Airline Pilot to Ayahuasca Shaman | Ann Devlin: An Amazing Cancer Journey | John Shore: Awakening, Health and Healing

September 12, 2015 @ 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Gathering of Minds 

Two Year Anniversary

Saturday 12th September 2015


What an exciting event we have for our Two Year Anniversary. We have put together a really strong line of up of speakers to deliver consciousness expanding talks on everything from a pilot that turned shaman working with plant medicine Ayahuasca in the jungle, to a natural healing of breast cancer and also a man with with a physics and engineering background forced to revaluate his life after encounters with things that his physics degree didn’t quite explain about energy.

From airline pilot to Ayahuasca shaman – Zohar Bahir 

From early childhood Zohar always had a strong connection to space mainly through the medium of dreams. Those started with her dreaming very vividly of her father being taken into a spaceship.

The repeated dream took many forms until she began dreaming of herself in a variety of spacecraft and spaceships. Many times she would be piloting these various ships ranging from small scout craft to bigger vessels.

about_img2Zohar’s many experiences were never of being ‘abducted’ but rather of being ‘gathered’. Thus the dreams which were at times very vivid theta brain waves experiences, were all positive and loving in their way.

As a career, Zohar became an airline pilot flying a Boeing 767 on Long-haul routes worldwide. It was one way of being closer to the stars. She has been flying the big jets for almost 30 years.

Zohar will tell her personal story, from being a pilot flying wide-body jets worldwide to ending up in the Amazon jungle being taught by a Peruvian shaman in Ayahuasca.

Zohar will talk about the Shipibo and their tradition and she will end her talk by singing a powerful healing icaro (or two), which will be offered for every person present.


  • How Zohar was diagnosed with an incurable disease and have travelled to Peru to seek healing.
  • How the plant doctors (the Plants Spirits) healed her. The Shipibo traditions of healing. 
  • Receiving The Don (power transfer) from the shaman and going through an advanced initiation.
  • What’s it like to live in the Jungle and work with Ayahuasca medicine
  • Singing a powerful icaro in the Shipibo language to transmit the plant spirits and offer healing to all who are there.

An Amazing Cancer Journey – Ann Devlin

ann devlinAnn was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2013. She was advised to have a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and 5 years of Tamoxifen.

However she declined the conventional treatments and chose to follow her intuition, and instead she adopted a natural protocol to help her body overcome the cancer and regain her health.

It’s now approaching 2 years since the dreaded diagnosis and Ann has an amazing story to tell of how she overcame cancer, including how she even removed her own tumors using an ancient herbal salve remedy.

Ann is now dedicated to helping other people who may be faced with cancer or are worried about recurrence, and especially likes to emphasize the importance of cancer prevention.

Ann will cover:

  • Breast Imaging – her experience with mammography, thermography and ultrasound
  • My healing protocol – Nutrition, herbs, supplements, bioresonance, homeopathy, mindfulness, energy healing…
  • Using Black Salve to remove my breast tumours
  • Prevention is better than cure… 

Awakening, Health and Healing – John Shore

11721851_10152872718331822_1174137746_n-1John Shore, a physics scientist and engineer, was forced to re-evaluate his life due to a work related repetitive injury.

Following a period away from the “rat race”, exploring various ways to “get well”, John woke up to a different perspective of life.

John’s talk explores this journey, covers areas of health and various healing modalities which he now uses to stay in balance.

One is a connection to “energies” which his own physics degree background could not explain, such as “psychic surgery” and “distant energy”.


  •  My awakening & healing journey + science / engineering background
  •  Little known toxins in our environment
  •  Methods I use to boost my immune system
  • Techniques to help bring balance to our energy body
We look forward to welcoming you back after our Summer break! On the day we will also have delicious vegan food to buy, hot and cold drinks and a a couple of stalls selling alternative goods such as crystals.

We will meet for a drink after the event for anyone wanting to join us. We have a brand new home so make a note of the new location! There are a limited amount of Advanced tickets.

Tickets – £8 Advanced or £10 standard.

This event will be filmed and photographed.

Jess & Matt




September 12, 2015
1:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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Ringcross community Centre
60 Lough Rd
London, London N7 8RH United Kingdom
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