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Gathering of Minds – Mind Expanding Talks, Breathwork, Meditation & Gongs!

April 2, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Sun 2nd April 2017 | Brady Arts Centre London E1

We are back with another exciting line up and powerful gong sound journey! Learn all about harmonious communication for a unified world,  water and hydration, OBE’s and so much more! Can’t wait to see you all there again ♥


12.00 – Doors open
12.30 – Intro
12.35 – Thirsting for Health – Loren Lockman
14.00 – Lunch Break
14.35 – Harmonious Communication For a Unified World – Paul Terrell
15.35 – Short Break
15.50 – What is the nature and purpose of physical reality? – Todd Acamesis
16.50 – Short Break
17.00 – Breathwork and Gong Meditation – Ladrhyn Bexx
18.00 – Finish
18.30 – Doors close


loren-pool-green-shirtLoren will be exploring the critical impact of hydration and dehydration on health and overall functioning.

This will include why nearly everyone is significantly dehydrated — even when they think they’re not, the impact of dehydration on the body and mind, why drinking more water alone will not get you hydrated…and how we can.


The importance of hydration and how to achieve it

Why the colour of your urine may not tell if you’re hydrated

Why an optimal diet alone will not hydrate you

How to maximize your hydration and health

Loren will also discuss what kind of water to — and not to — drink, foods to focus on and those to avoid, and other things we need to be aware of to maximize our hydration and health. This talk is guaranteed to be the some of the most important and impactful health information you’ll ever hear.

Eventbrite - Gathering of Minds -  Mind Expanding Talks, Breathwork, Meditation & Gongs!


Unity is not globalisation, it is individuals and communities choosing peace, ecological renewal and human rights as the basis for uniting the whole world in a commitment to reason. Cultural and ecological diversity are threatened as is local determination. These are essential for the survival of life on earth.

As we become more cooperative we need also to find a common strategy for communication. Many of us already have the language of the heart and Non Violent Communication in our tool kit. The next step is returning to the circle as the default strategy for listening, sharing, negotiating, planning, consensus decision making and, importantly, conflict resolution.

We have inherited from our indigenous cousins tried and tested circle strategies for sustaining harmonious organisation. We have lost these skills and it is time we started to practice them again.


The need for completely new means of communication and decision making for the new paradigm.
About the skills of the wise ancient ones and indigenous peoples that are relevant to us today.
The two basic and simple tools for harmonious sharing, listening, organising, planning, decision making, conflict resolution and celebrating.
How to find further information and training.

The strategies are simple and accessible and immediately effective even at the first level. Paul has been sharing them with action groups, political parties, businesses and other organisations for the past thirty years with immediate effect.

Eventbrite - Gathering of Minds -  Mind Expanding Talks, Breathwork, Meditation & Gongs!


ToddDuring this talk, I’m going to share my personal out-of-body experiences that show evidence our physical reality could be a sophisticated virtual reality program projected onto a multidimensional space-time “screen” from a parallel world, which is home to more advanced versions of us.

Beyond the illusory boundaries of physical reality, and the human amnesia that keeps the illusion intact – you’ll discover parallel dimensions of reality, which are hyper real in comparison to physical reality…

Its within these spiritual dimensions, you’ll find the source where physical reality is being projected. And its here where you’ll find an advanced version of you – who guides you and looks after you.


Who created physical reality and why?

The ethics and morality of creating virtual realities as learning environments for the developing soul

How your thoughts allow you to change and shape physical reality (teachings from basic mental laws like ‘The Law of Attraction’, to more advanced spiritual laws that allow magic and miracles to manifest will be discussed)

Methods for exploring the spiritual dimensions of reality through Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Eventbrite - Gathering of Minds -  Mind Expanding Talks, Breathwork, Meditation & Gongs!


Experience an ecstatic state of bliss through breathwork, followed by a journey through the soundscapes of sound healing gongs at Gathering Of Minds with Ladrhyn Bexx. Ladrhyn will capture your hearts and mind as you enter into deep states of transformational breathing and sound.
Bathe yourself in rippling healing tones from three beautiful gongs
Calm your mind and energize your meditative state through guided breathwork  
Reduce stress and break-up emotional blockages  
A great way to journey home at the end of the evening with an incredible sense of calmness and focus until your next adventure


Food & Drinks

There will be hot and cold vegan food from Conscious Kitchen, raw desserts by Raw For Life and hot and cold drinks available to buy.


The Shipibo Market – Handmade Ayahuasca jewellery and ceremony clothing, Mapacho, Palo Santo, Dreamcatchers, Bags, Rattles and more.

Soul Aurganic Sound Healing – Custom Made Light-weight Gong Stands, Gong Mallets & Flumis, Chakra Essence Sprays, Wellbeing Sprays and more. Also offering.. Mini 30-min 1:1 Sound session (with Gongs, Tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls) Mini 30-min Quantum Psionic Healing.

Alchemistry wifi and EMF protection, orgone pyramids, shungite and more

Eat Moringa Moringa products and more 

Re’bel Crystals Huge selection of crystals

Tickets £10 Early Bird (SOLD OUT) | £12 Advanced | £15 Standard/Door

Check back for more info soon!

Jess x





April 2, 2017
12:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Brady Arts and Community Centre
192-196 Hanbury St
London, E1 5HU United Kingdom
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