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Follow intuition

Little Wolfe |

Follow intuition.

Let it take you to formidable lands,

based upon the sea.

The ever changeable valley between the trees,

singing songs of their own realities.

Worlds being lived,

in places the human rarely finds themselves.

The sea,

always seeming to show her raging emotion.

While below the surface,

even the biggest storm cannot shake her.

Balancing the two extremes,

giving them valuable insight.

Making the world a better place.


creative doers who have lived on the course of the imagination.

Seeing many realities as the water sways past,

at each glance.

The sea offers a chalice to everyone who comes near.

Using it,

pouring it into your imagination.

Swallowing the beauty or destruction of your own intent.

Seeing the chaos through,

or getting consumed.

Follow intuition.

Let it take you into the sides of the earth,

carving houses out of mountains.

Living in stone feeling as if a castle.


seeming more solid than the sea.

Sitting there,

as a large mass and unmovable figure.

The hibernating elements,

waiting for an alchemist.

Transforming it into treasure.

Using skill,

that works with integrity.

Creating his riches from within.

Changing the matter,

with intent.

The tool of labor,

the one who instills values.

The stars.

Always working,

aiding in advancements.

Building success out of fertile ground.

Changing the ground.

In return,

the ground changing you.

Giving you blessings,

if you plant in the right spot.

Follow intuition.

Go high into the trees a top a mountain.

Flying from tree top to tree top,

gathering ideas linked to the heavens.

Finding truth,

through communication with the higher self.

Confronting the ego’s morality,

Keeping at bay with arms.

Pointed metallic figures,

often sought of as protection.


sometimes harm.

Depending on your personal truth.

A funny reality,

in need of being voiced not provoked.


the way the wind does.

Reaching everywhere,

yet changeable upon the circumstances.

‘The tongue is mightier than the sword.’

Leaving us to forget,

they are used in the same way.

Staying interchangeable,

throughout their differences.


illuminating the world.

Taking charge with desire.

Influencing the world,

with a new paradigm.

Getting to the point,

without drawing blood.

Follow intuition.

Go inside of the mountain home.


ready for the insides to erupt with mastery.

A place,

all the internal elements catch fire.


creating all the best things in life.

Becoming one with passion.

Impeding the body like a forcefield,

expanding outward from deep within.

Gathering inspiration,

spakring creativity.

Causing the restless self to stir.

Becoming active,

in everyday aspects of life.

Powering a flame,

stored in a solid shell.

Changeable like the sea and as knowing as the wind.

This flame,

used to power magic.


by the use of the world as a whole.

An eternal wick,

acting as if a wand.

Standing powerful and bright,

when all other aspects are in tune.

Follow intuition.

It will guide you through anything the world throws at you,

into a changeable realm the light can create.

By Little Wolfe


The artist’s identity is ‘Little Wolfe’ a mindful writer of the elemental type. A Soul Explorer, discovering the Mind, Body and Soul. From many Canadian small towns.




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