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Full Moon in Capricorn 1st / 2nd July 2015

By Carmen Di Luccio |

We will be having a Full Moon in Capricorn on the night of Wednesday, July 1st in the Americas and on July 2nd everywhere else in the world. (Universal Time: July 2nd at 2:20am.) Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle, as this is when the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon and marks the beginning of the following 2 week period when the light starts fading. This is known as the “waning phase.” Symbolically, because this is when the light begins to recede, this represents a time of “release.” Full Moons are generally the most intense time of the Moon cycle and are also a very lively time.

The astrological themes for each Full Moon can start to be felt in the week leading up to it. The events and circumstances that occur in our lives on the exact day usually challenge us. The Sun and Moon are opposite each other, so whatever signs they are in will most strongly influence the themes. Just like the New Moon, you can also have intentions for the Full Moon, with the difference being that for this phase your intentions should be associated with some sort of release, but only if need be.

If you have been feeling that there is something to let go of, then use this period for the most powerful effect. You can also use Full Moons to begin a cleanse or detox. If you do decide to use this Full Moon for any of those things, it is best to start after the exact time of the Full Moon, after it finishes waxing and starts to wane. (Click here to find out exact time for your time zone)

Sometimes the events and circumstances that happen to us around the Full Moon will create an awareness within ourselves that we need to change or let go of something. However, this is not always the case. Some Full Moon circumstances might just help you bring something to your awareness to help you make better choices.

Sun in Cancer Opposite Moon in Capricorn… Mars and Pluto are Involved

During this Full Moon we will be experiencing a tug-of-war between Cancer and Capricorn themes. Cancer is a highly emotional sign, as it is nurturing, caring, and family oriented. Cancer is about emotional connections with others, but when Cancer is in its ‘shadow’ it can be excessively needy and manipulative in order to get the nurturing it is seeking. Capricorn is a more work oriented sign, highly ambitious, practical, and grounded. The priorities for Capricorn are responsibilities, public life, duty, career, and financial security, while for Cancer, domestic life, family, and emotional security are the priorities. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other in these signs, we see these themes face off.

The Sun will be in Cancer  representing our ego needs and male energy, separating from an alignment with Mars. When the Sun and Mars are here, it could indicate expressing the ‘will’ and the ‘ego’ in a way that is aggressively sensitive and perhaps demanding of being nurtured. With the Moon in Capricorn, moving towards an alignment with a retrograde Pluto, this could indicate potential inward emotional transformation.

If we have been emotionally demanding, the Moon here can help to bring about a circumstance where we have to strike a new balance between our career/responsibilities and our domestic life, emotional connections, and the need to be nurtured. It can help us to transform the way we seek emotional security and/or help us find a new sense of inner power in relation to all of this. Neptune in Pisces will be making a supportive aspect to this Full Moon, and combined with Pluto, this can provide an influence that is spiritually supportive or heals on a spiritual level.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter with Uranus in Aspect

One the same day of this Full Moon (and the day before), Venus makes an exact alignment with Jupiter in Leo. This energy can generate an expansive and fulfilling theme for lovers. This can also be a fortunate time for anything involving beauty, creativity, and the performing arts. With Uranus involved, it can add an element of excitement and unexpected fortunate circumstances. If you are an artist, this can be a great time to showcase your creativity. Although Jupiter and Venus are considered the more ‘fortunate’ planets in Astrology, the potential negative expressions of this energy can include overindulgence of anything pleasurable or fun.

If this is the case, then the themes of the Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon polarity mentioned in the above paragraphs may set things straight. Capricorn and Pluto are more serious and can even be ruthless in some cases. Capricorn prefers work over play, and if we play too much and don’t work hard enough to achieve the success we are seeking, then the events that occur around this Full Moon may bring a new awareness in our lives. We may need to transform how we perceive our responsibilities as a need to feel emotionally secure.

Venus is Preparing to Go Retrograde in Late July

On July 25, Venus will be going retrograde until September 6th. Venus rules creativity, love, romance, beauty, and relationships. During this period coming up we will experience circumstances where we find ourselves making adjustments in these areas. It is very common during Venus retrograde for different issues in relationships to arise, and they can manifest as disagreements, arguments, and breakups, or even getting back together with a lover from the past.

Although Venus retrograde hasn’t officially started yet, we have been in what is called the ‘pre-retrograde’ shadow period since June 21st. This means that in this month leading up to it, the themes and events that happen in relationships (whether positive or negative) will be revisited in a more challenging way in the period from July 25th until September 6th. The events that occur around this Full Moon can manifest into more complicated issues during the actual retrograde and even prior to it commencing. If you are an artist or do any work involving creativity and beauty, then this period can also be a time where you are making adjustments within this aspect of your life.

Things You Can Do For This Full Moon

If there is anything that you feel that you need to release from your life, make that intention sometime after the first 24 hours after the exact Full Moon (Click here to see for your time zone). This is a good time to take a look at what changes you need to make in order to strike an appropriate balance between the emotional and domestic aspects of your life with your career and responsibilities. What adjustments need to be made? Or is there something that you need to let go of?

During this Full Moon and throughout the following week, it is a good time to start (or take action towards starting) a cleanse or detox. Since this Full Moon will be in Capricorn, the best type of detox to employ will be anything that helps to pull out bad calcium and fluoride from the skeletal system and teeth. Since this Moon will be close to Pluto retrograde, there is also a theme of regeneration of the skeletal structure of our bodies which can go hand in hand with detoxification. MSM is a great product for decalcification, but an even better product is E3Live’s Renew Me, which includes MSM and other synergizing ingredients that facilitate regeneration. If you’d like to learn more about employing a decalcification protocol, I recommend reading Longevity Now by David Wolfe.

Carmen Di Luccio

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