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Get Your Boom Back with Bioresonance

Jess Lewis |

Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 and is used successfully in 55 countries worldwide. Today there are thousands of bioresonance therapy devices used around the world by doctors and health practitioners.

Bioresonance therapy has been found to be highly effective in treating many ailments, such as allergies, skin problems, chemical and heavy metal toxicity and other conditions including food, drug and alcohol addiction.

Significant new findings in science and technology have generated astounding innovations, which are now being applied to medicine.

Findings from the area of biophysical and quantum mechanics and quantum physics made available incredible options and have absolutely led to remarkable developments in technology. These findings are useful to make clear the basis of bioresonance therapy.

E = M*C squared is the relationship between matter and energy as we fully understand it from the genius of Albert Einstein.

Every form of matter is made up of energy and also emits energy. Each and every substance and every single cell of every part of the human body emits their energy too. This includes viruses, bacterias, allergens as well as substances that are beneficial to the body. They all have a highly specific, typical wavelength or frequency with entirely individual attributes.

This is termed the ‘frequency pattern’.

Cells communicate amongst each other – this is the way in which the frequency pattern is formed. We all live in an age of communication and information. Your body functions and regulates by itself because of communication and the communication exchanges amongst the various cells of the body.

This cell communications through ‘flashes of light’ and is by way of specific frequencies. In a healthy body, each cell can carry out its task and exchange information unhindered. Then again, stress induced substances or perhaps impacts can get in the way or obstruct this kind of communication between cells. Interfering substances such as chemical toxins, infections, germs, parasites, volatile organic compounds, pesticides and things that trigger allergies are able to disrupt communication between the cells.

The following can result in organic (physical) changes. This disturbed cell interaction prevents those cells performing effectively and we notice evidence of this through non-specific changes in well-being, both mental and physical exhaustion, persistent tiredness, skin disturbances and eruptions, irritable digestive tract and even allergic reactions.

Bioresonance therapy aims to decrease the overall amount of disturbed frequencies. Frequency patterns that cause sickness can be modified into healthy, therapeutically effective frequency patterns, thus empowering healthy cell communication once again.

Around 2 weeks ago I had my first Bioresonance treatment with Anwar Craven at getyourboomback and I was amazed by the effects. I had no expectations of what was going to happen so I just went with it. Anwar was explained he would work with different frequencies of the machine to correspond with different areas of my body – similar to Reiki.

After about 30 seconds I felt the most crazy tingling, energy moving in my back, pins and needles. The crazy thing is, I wasn’t attached to a machine, I wasn’t even in the room. It was all done remotely.

Once  matter is physically joined, even when it is separate, the energy is still there connecting it. Quantum Physicists have carried out many experiments on this. Watch the documentary The Holographic Universe, its really mind blowing!

I had sent some of my hair a few days before the healing, and they worked with my energy which was still attached to the matter – my hair. The whole process took around an hour and a half and was really intense at some points. Anwar explained everything he was doing and what its purpose was.

Aligning of the Chakra’s was really interesting. For some reason I got my Chakra’s mixed up, when Anwar said he was working on my 1st Chakra, I was thought he was doing my Crown Chakra. I could feel so much energy in my Root Chakra, but not my Crown and after a few minutes I realised that was because Anwar was working on my Root Chakra!

If I wanted proof my mind wasn’t playing tricks that was it!

Afterwards I felt amazing! I felt completely reset and full of energy.

The guys at getyourboomback also sent me a frequency band to work with and its had such a calming effect! Click here for more info

Jess x



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