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Go with the flow..

Kaysen Asante |

What does going with the flow actually mean?

When you go with the flow you are in sync with the natural order of life.

Letting all limits and inhibitions go. Not trying to control or manipulate an experience or situation. Just trusting in the universe that you are 100% supported in every aspect of life, 100% surrendering to the moment.

It may serve a good purpose and a positive experience or one that may be believed as bad, not purposeful and a negative experience.

What stops us from being in the present moment (conscious), in order to go with the flow of life?

Are you a person that lives in the past?
Do you spend a lot of time in mind thinking about everything so much? Over thinking, over thinking and thinking about it again?
Is your life chaotic and seems to never stop?
Is there always something to do?
I never get any time?
I never get any time for myself?

From answering the questions above you may or may not have determined whether you spend more time in the past or present. What about the future?
Within this do you find that every day is chaotic, doesn’t really stop and is just hectic sometimes?

Chaos exists because this is the domino effect of the events in life. One thing after another

Organised or disorganised Cause and Effect Action and Reaction The flow of life is chaotic

The life cycle is continuous. Even when we sleep we experience rapid eye movement (REM), dream sleep, where we have continuous experiences in different forms.

The life cycle is chaos in which ever light you wish to believe and experience it.

Let’s explore the different realities we can experience when going with the flow. Life is full of challenges and we are on earth to learn, create, evolute and progress. In order to do so, we will make mistakes, practice and experience negative and positive aspects, however it is what we do with these situations that makes all the difference.

Everyone has the power to turn any type of energy into positive or negative.

Here is a personal example of how the same situation was experienced in a negative light (resisting the flow of life) and positive light (going with the flow of life).

Negative Light
In my experience negative chaos happens when I make bad decisions.
For example, It was rainy and windy weather, an accident had occurred and just everything went wrong, one thing after another.

  •  I got frustrated & stressed ”just another bad day”
  •  I spilt my drink in the car
  •  I was going to be late 

Positive Light

On the other hand, I feel I made a good decision, everything is a blessing and is a lesson to be taught and perceived all as positive chaos.
• the windy and rainy weather is part of life’s cycle and supports all living things. All needs nourishment and a cleanse, maybe I do too
• the weather is rainy and windy, but I am prepared for all weathers, I have an umbrella and rain coat. I love the sound and the beauty of it all. The noises it makes. The cold damp feeling on my skin feels refreshing.
• The accident is going to make me late, but I feel good and fortunate, because it means I don’t have to rush, most importantly I am not the person in the accident, harmed by it all.

I am not rushing so I do not spill my drink, I feel calm and collected I perceived the situation as all was meant to happen and I enjoyed going with the flow of events. I embraced the experience and went with the flow, everything synced, I remained in happiness and sometimes felt free to be spontaneous.

Everything exists because ‘it is what it is!’
You have the choice of free will this means you have the power to choose, therefore, decide what reality you experience.

When you go with the flow of life, you surrender, you access the flow of happiness, joy and love. You allow for beautiful blessings to exist. Having 100% belief that the universe supports you, your community, family, friends and just everything. Everything comes exactly when it is needed not wanted.

Ultimately it is your choice, your decision. Nobody else’s. It’s up to you, what you do.

There are some of us that may be reading this thinking as if I can get out my situation. This positive perception of life is not possible. Hasn’t been for generations and will continue after me.

For those feeling stuck. You’re stuck because you have cemented this belief system. Miracles do and can happen to you. But, Only when you make the changes.

You have to show the universe that you are willing to make change. 100% belief and conviction in everything that you do. 100% true to you.

True from within. Trust in the flow of life. Your inner trust resonates with the universe 100%; ‘Cause and effect’. The universe responds to the vibration it is given and received. Just like a radio station. You have to tune in to the right frequency, channel, or station in order for it to work. Once tuned in your able to receive what was sent, i.e. the radio talk show or music.

The universe will always respond 100% to what you put out there. You may not be awake to see and notice all the coincidences, pots of luck, opportunities and experiences you may just not get it or understand. Ultimately, this is fine because, ‘it is what it is’.

The point is your not meant to know or control so much of the how. Not be to fixated on the control element of making it into exactly what you want. It requires a letting go, allowing everyone in the situation to find a balance of what is right in the moment. Full surrender to the ‘Now Moment’

Try it, when you do go with the flow of life, you allow other people to feel free. To be liberated in peace, harmony and freedom.

Freedom where someone is not trying to control a situation, a decision, an agenda for a selfless purpose. Rather a collaboration of all that is, to serve a balanced purpose that is fair to all in that exact moment.

This is 100% trusting in the flow, 100% trust in the Universe, 100% trust in yourself.

Neither I or you are right. What feels right to you and what feels right to me is the only thing that really matters. It will be what it will be. It is what it is. Enjoy the flow of life to which you prefer. Stay true from within and find your truth. Be humble, calm and live in peace with all.

Thank you for your patience reading this article. Sending an abundance of love and gratitude. Many thanks.

Kaysen Asante

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