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Harness the New Moon Energy for Manifesting

Feb 18th 2015 – Super New Moon!

There are certain times that are better for manifesting than others. The New Moon is a particularly powerful time. Because the moon is at the beginning of its cycle this is we when we can write down some things we want for the month. It’s symbolic and also connected to astrology.

This is the bit where we can really start to trust the manifesting process and use the art of manifestation to our advantage, using The Law of Radiation.

What is the Law of Radiation? I am sure you would have heard of the Law of Attraction; you think of what you want and then the Universe responds and you get what you want. To manifest anything from a place of want isn’t good –  you only get more wanting!

When you manifest from a place of joy, you radiate that joy. Your outter World reflects your inner World and that is what you attract. If you are coming from a place of Joy and Gratitude when you want to manifest something then you will not go far wrong!

We want to be in alignment with what we desire, trusting that the universe is bringing it to you and feeling that it is happening right now.

When you visiualise, imagine as if you already have it. Say you are manifesting a new job,  if you are thinking about how much you need the new job, you are coming from a place of not having. Instead of if you already had the new job you wouldn’t be wanting what you already have, you would be thinking about the choices you have.

You really have to trust and act as if it has already come to you. The Universe gives you more of what you are putting out and what you are putting out is what you already have. Practise writing down what you are grateful for both now and in advance so you can start to feel how good it is to have those things into your life.

Now how does this respond to the New Moon?

A new moon is a good time to let go of old ways to bring new energy into your life. Everything is in decline now – life energy, emotions and physiological activity. Plans requiring significant effort are not advisable now.

This is an inauspicious time for people with low blood pressure and those prone to depression.

To start get a pen and paper and handwrite out your intentions for the month, probably no more than ten is good for the month (it’s best not to scatter you energy in too many different directions) Now however you write this is up to you, the only guide lines I will give you is to put it in the present as if… you already have it!

You also may like to put it as a sentence and if you would write in your list of things that you are grateful for i.e. I’m so happy and grateful that I got a new job… now you can put this in a safe place that you feel is sacred or you don’t see very often and come next New Moon take them out and see what happened!

This is a very relaxed manifesting, you can manifest more intensely or more often on desires you are working on but for pure simple almost indulgent manifestation to realise the power of the law of attraction this is an amazing tool to have on hand.

I recently came across my list from May 2014 and everything had manifested. This is a great way to manifest!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Namaste x

2015 Lunar Phases — London (Europe/London) Time

New Moon

First Quarter

Full Moon

Third Quarter

Jan. 5 Mo. 04:54 Jan. 13 Tu. 09:48
Jan. 20 Tu. 13:14 Jan. 27 Tu. 04:49 Feb. 3 Tu. 23:10 Feb. 12 Th. 03:52
Feb. 18 We. 23:49 Feb. 25 We. 17:15 Mar. 5 Th. 18:06 Mar. 13 Fr. 17:49
Mar. 20 Fr. 09:38 Mar. 27 Fr. 07:43 Apr. 4 Sa. 13:07 Apr. 12 Su. 04:45
Apr. 18 Sa. 19:59 Apr. 26 Su. 00:56 May 4 Mo. 04:44 May 11 Mo. 11:36
May 18 Mo. 05:15 May 25 Mo. 18:20 June 2 Tu. 17:21 June 9 Tu. 16:43
June 16 Tu. 15:07 June 24 We. 12:04 July 2 Th. 03:22 July 8 We. 21:26
July 16 Th. 02:26 July 24 Fr. 05:05 July 31 Fr. 11:45 Aug. 7 Fr. 03:05
Aug. 14 Fr. 15:54 Aug. 22 Sa. 20:32 Aug. 29 Sa. 19:37 Sept. 5 Sa. 10:56
Sept. 13 Su. 07:42 Sept. 21 Mo. 10:00 Sept. 28 Mo. 03:52 Oct. 4 Su. 22:08
Oct. 13 Tu. 01:06 Oct. 20 Tu. 21:32 Oct. 27 Tu. 12:05 Nov. 3 Tu. 12:25
Nov. 11 We. 17:47 Nov. 19 Th. 06:28 Nov. 25 We. 22:44 Dec. 3 Th. 07:42
Dec. 11 Fr. 10:29 Dec. 18 Fr. 15:15 Dec. 25 Fr. 11:11



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