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Have You Fallen Off Course? These Simple Steps May Help Get You Back En route!

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We all have those moments in our lives when things begin to veer off track. Intentional or not, whatever has transpired has caused your world to hit dead-end roads, u-turns, wrong way signs and sadly ‘Siri’ isn’t conveniently there to guide you out of your morass; can there be course correction? And if so, how do you turn it around?

Of course turning things around  depends on the specific situation, which a million good or bad could present, but generally, the simple question is,”Can we course correct?” The answer is yes. But, what are you willing to do to make the shift in direction? A change or course correction doesn’t just happen because we wish for it, or creatively visualize it, action must follow our desired intent.

Below are a few simple steps to help navigate a new direction. And, a little advice if everything turns out to be an epic failure.

  • Start with self-inventory. Take some time and self-reflect and make the changes, if there are any, to yourself, environment, livelihood, values; just BE and decide who you are. And whoever that is, know that is ENOUGH.
  • Decide what you truly want in life. What are you passionate about? This is innate. You generally already know what you desire and who you are, we just forget sometimes
  • Make a plan. Start by finding out what are the necessary steps it will take to reach your goal, or end desired result. If you want to build a sail boat, then think like a project manager and sort out what it will take in time, money, resources, and then just take the process one step at a time. Go steady- and know no matter how slow, long, or discouraging the process may be… stick with it! Perseverance is key. You will get there!
  • Be grateful for everything. Whether full or depleted, know your experiences are helping shape who you are and how you will move forward. This can be tough to grasp when it comes to heavy life issues like death, illness, and break-ups, but ultimately even the densest experiences come to serve our growth.

But let’s not be naive, sometimes course correction isn’t an available option. When you crash and burn into those life moments… just do this! And, MOVE ON

by Rita Romine-Black

Source: www.collective-evolution.com



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