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Hay Fever Natural Remedy – Cayenne Benefits

By David Barth |

Cayenne benefits are many. One of which is a hay fever natural remedy. The reason I am writing on this subject is because I have discovered helpful facts after making myself my very own guinea pig.  After a lifetime of suffering from hay fever I read somewhere that cayenne might be helpful. In 2007 I saw that a diet with cayenne pepper has benefits which include alleviating hay fever (allergic rhinitis) symptoms. Each spring I would line up at the doctor’s office to pay over $100 to get a kenalog shot. Since trying cayenne pepper I have had no problems in the spring and summer when the trees and grasses grow and I have no need for a second shot in the autumn when sage, rabbit brush and ragweed are the culprits.

The pollen count is believed to be higher during the evening hours. A veil of pollen rises in the afternoon hours only to drop a load when the air temperatures cool. When a person suffers from hay fever the body responds with an amplified immune response. For 93% of the population that hasn’t experienced the misery of this form of allergies you may have some sympathy after reading exactly what it is we suffer from.

  • Sneezing
    •    Runny nose
    •    Watery eyes
    •    Postnasal drip
    •    Sore throat and roof of mouth
    •    Head congestion
    •    Ear pressure
    •    Sleep disturbances
    •    Nasal discharge

Cayenne, which can be found in the seasoning section of any grocery store is a great addition to eggs and even salmon. I choose to use the capsules (cayenne fruit) from the pharmacy department. It can be purchased across the counter without a prescription. One word of warning, however, it may cause heartburn. To solve this simply follow it with food. It is also believed that a diet with cayenne pepper (capsicum frutescens) will strengthen the body overall. Spicy foods are recognized as a way to increase circulation helping the heart, lungs and brain which are all involved in hay fever attacks. After studying medical research I found other cayenne benefits that surprised me.

In addition to being a hay fever natural remedy, a diet with cayenne pepper can alleviate these concerns:

  • Asthma and sinusitis are closely related to allergies and researchers find that cayenne benefits in the same ways as it does for hay fever.
  • Eases toothache and helps keep the teeth from decaying. When applied to the gums, it stimulates them enough to prevent pyorrhea.
  • Good for the digestion and soothes indigestion along with healing stomach ulcers. It also helps with stomach cramps, flatulence and constipation.
  • Beneficial for weight loss when completing a diet with cayenne pepper. It boosts the metabolism and helps clear waste from the system. Because it breaks down carbohydrates it is being investigated to see if it is useful in treating obesity. In addition, it cleans the arteries of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It makes a good body cleanse and detoxifier.
  • There are reports that show blood sugar levels can be regulated helping diabetics. The increased circulation is also important for diabetes fatigue.
  • Helps with a sore throat when combined with honey as a gargle wash.
  • The capsaicin in the spice has been found to destroy prostate cancer cells. “Capsaicin led 80 percent of human prostate cancer cells growing in mice to commit suicide in a process known as apoptosis, the researchers said. Prostate cancer tumors in mice fed capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of tumors in untreated mice, they reported in the journal Cancer Research. ‘Capsaicin had a profound anti-proliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells in culture,’ said Dr. Soren Lehmann of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine.”
  • One doctor claims that he has never lost a patient to heart attacks when given a dose of cayenne tea. Cayenne gives a bump to the heart and causes a current of energy to blast through the body. The arteries open wide improving circulation without hurting the heart.
  • The circulatory system benefits from improved elasticity of the capillaries, veins, and arteries. The result is normalization of blood pressure.
  • It is also believed to benefit arthritis when applied topically. Back pain may also be alleviated for the same reasons.
  • Because the arteries are opened it helps with migraine and cluster headaches. By the way, I have had no migraine headaches since discovering the value of ingesting cayenne pepper.

In addition to cayenne being a hay fever natural remedy other ways to diminish the symptoms of hay fever are as follows:

  • Don’t let any clothes or animals in your bedroom that have been outside during the day.
  • Shower before going to bed and be sure to wash your hair. Pollen will settle in the pillow case, after falling from your hair, which means that you will be rolling your face around in it all night long.
  • Don’t open your windows in the morning or evening when pollen problems are at a high point.

A diet with cayenne pepper offers cayenne benefits to include the fact that it is rich in vitamins A, B, C, B1, B2, and B12, zinc and niacin. It also contains calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and other nutrients. The fact that it aids in proper circulation may be why it helps those who suffer from hay fever. This is another reason to add a diet with cayenne pepper to your life.

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