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Heal Your Heartbreak with The Emotional Freeedom Technique (Tapping)

Heartache is one of the hardest things you can experience. Treating it with the Emotional Freedom Technique can help you get back on your feet a lot sooner.

Whenever anyone says they are feeling heartbroken, you can almost bank on their distress level being at least a 9 on a scale of 10. Nobody I’ve ever worked with has ever been just a little heartbroken.

Heartbreak is a mixture of feelings and emotions that meld into a deep, dark despair that does not go away quickly. No two people’s experiences of heartache are the same.

Every case of heartbreak is difficult in its own unique way. EFT will definitely help but there aren’t likely to be many one-minute wonders when it comes to treating heartbreak.

When you suffer from heartbreak, you deal with the loss of love, friendship, companionship, touch, pleasure, dreams, plans and hope. You also experiences the loss of your expected future. Heartbreak completely changes the roadmap you were using to guide your life.

It’s horrible and devastaing if it’s sudden and out of the blue. It’s only slightly better when it’s been a long time coming and inevitable as in a drawn out breakup. In drawn out, inevitable break ups, the heartache is sometimes moderated by a feeling of relief because the hovering axe has finally fallen.

Tapping can take heartache from a 10 to a 1. What is most likely to happen is that tapping on heartache will initiate a process whereby you can unravel, examine and tap out all the components of the heartbreak. You may start with heartache being a 10 but as the feeling is tapped, the heartache changes to sadness, anger, despair, loneliness or just about any other feeling.

Whatever feeling arises needs to be treated. Don’t skip treating any feeling just because it doesn’t seem like the right feeling or the crucial feeling. If it comes up, it came up for a reason. Treat it then and there.

Time is also needed when dealing with heartbreak. It’s not that time is the healer, either. You can be doing fine after a breakup and then “your song” will come on the radio triggering buried or suppressed feelings.

In longer relationships, events such as the anniversary of their your first date or the passing of a weekend where you were supposed to go away together can put you in a funk.

Heartache and heartbreak are probably not going to be the easiest problems you will solve with EFT but tapping will definitely speed your recovery.

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