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Healing the Genes through Integrity with Nature! – Amazing story of survival against docs odds!

by Marius Spiridon


It  was a nice, cozy flight from Bucharest, Romania to JFK, NY, in august 2007. I was going back home to Denver, after having a great vacation with my family, as a successful 30 years old businessman and human being. I was all pumped up and happy, full of purpose and extra reasons to help people and chase goals. Little that I knew, that my life was gonna reach a major U-turn into a dead end.

While I was enjoying my red wine in the airplane, suddenly my breath stops, I start coughing and getting really, really dizzy. I was looking around, to find reasons: is it the air, is it the wine, is it the temperature? By the time I got to the restroom, blood was coming out through my mouth and my nose and I couldn’t distinguish black from white. It was a state of confusion, pain and drifting away without control.

I got to Denver and with my last resources I made it to an Emergency Room. Just as the local policy requires, you scan your card, the money is taken and then hop onto the examination bench. I did just that, got an X-ray exam and a blood test. The doctor came with the results and said: “I am sorry, we will refund you the money, there is nothing we can do for you, please try someplace else”…What?



I did not give up, went to another hospital, curiously same thing happened.I got it that something must be really wrong. I called a family member in Pennsylvania, her name is Mercedes (Mary of Mercies) and she is a doctor. I have told her what’s happening as I was falling into a total blackout of pain and bleeding. She was horrified and called a hospital where she had a friend working and got me in for the third time. Also she announced my family in Romania about what is happening (later, I found out that they all lighted candles and kept them lit for days).

So I went to the Swedish Hospital in Denver and after a set of analyses, the doctor comes to me and says: “You’re dying because of two reasons, Marius: one is the fact that your right lung is blown in two places, you have a pulmonary embolism. The second reason is that you have a rare genetic condition called Factor V Leiden, that makes your blood coagulate in an instant for no particular reasons. Your father died because of the same exact problem.
It is genetics, you can’t fight it!”



Did not get much of it as I fell into a deep sleep for about a month or so, literally. I remember bits and pieces, with my girlfriend crying next to the hospital bed, and my sister crying on the phone and doctors nodding their heads.

As I was laying in the bed I had time to think (besides having to deal with the mind twisting pain) to my lifestyle: even though I was vegan since I was 16 years old, I had terrible spiritual habits. And besides that was always the alcohol.  I realized that it should be my time, as my father died around the same age.

Finally, I had a brief meeting with the doctor before leaving the hospital. He said: ” I am not gonna BS you! You got little time to go, a year max, if you stay high, deal with the pain and the blood does not get to thick in you. If I would be you, I’d spend my every last second with the family.” For someone that never, ever had a broken bone in their body or was never hospitalzed, that it the sound of crumbling mountains. He gave me whole bags of painkiller, anti-depressives and anti-coagulating pills. He gave me everything but an anti-death pill.

I did not believe him. I went to see 4-5 more doctors. Got the same answers all over the place. I started having severe panic attacks and I was getting sick of dragging an oxygen wire connected to  a machine, in my nose, throughout the house.

So, after the certainty of death was accepted, I did was I was told. I packed up, I sold the businesses, the cars, the house, gave up my job, my life, even my girlfriend and moved to Romania, literally having a candle ready at all times.


I did not move just anywhere, I picked the most retreated spot in the top of the mountains, away from everything and everyone. I even let my girlfriend go at that point in time. I did not want to be a burden for anyone. God, how much I loved her! Poor Irina, she thought is herself that did something wrong when I told her we need to break apart after 10 years of being together…

So, here I am, in July 2008 walking around the wild mountains of Romania, finding a place to die. Had some money in my pocket so I said to myself: don’t be cheap, is your own funeral.

 Picture 15


I bought 2.5 acres of land at 1100 meters altitude and moved there in a wagon. It was just me, seldom woodcutters and a whole lot of wild life. Romania is one of the last places on Earth that still has the wild life where Nature intended it to be.

My daily diet consisted in plenty anti-depressives and alcohol to numb a horse. And enough candles to redefine death at all levels. Morbid, huh?

Day after day, Nature started to imprint in me. After a month, I said, why not dig a hole into the ground, who knows, probably I will need it? Then, other questions came up…

Why not a foundation? Why not walls, why not a water fountain, why not a cellar, why not a second floor and why not plant trees? Why not furniture and why not a stove?
It took me 4 years and a whole lot of fresh raw food from the forest. A lot of fresh water from the coldest river of the mountains and a whole lot of staring at the stars.
It especially took a whole eternity to talk to myself and find the answers. And I did. And I found them.

10402395_289583691220041_1153583898492401541_n  1520617_289583714553372_8638794197027202842_n

Here’s some pictures of me right after the hospital event and then looking for a place to die and starting the chalet works..

 And when I did, I realized: The doctors just told me what I needed to hear at the moment. I needed to change every single ingredient in my life to change MY LIFE.


I change the diet and the thinking habits. Changed the books and changed the feelings inside me.Changed the water I’m drinking and the texture I walk on. Changed what I gaze upon at night, switched from a box to a spectacular, endless Milky Way. That became my nightly show…the great tentacles of Milky Way spinning peacefully towards the North Star.


When I got this, I gave up the the daily tons of Xanax and Clonazepam and Warfarin and Percocet and all the bags of chemicals that are not meant to be in our beings. I burnt them in the fire, literally! And I enjoyed every second of their disappearance.


This is how the chalet looks like now:551291_150060681839010_870722583_n

So, 5 years after I was called dead, I found myself the most alive ever, living in Nature, talking to Nature, listening to Nature and most of all… being loved by the Universe in every second.



I said to myself : if I got this, how can others get it? So I have searched for people that suffer, to show them my discovery. I started a charity with special need kids. I sponsored many group trips to the chalet and gave them the whole bit: recognizing and picking wild mushrooms, surviving into the wild –  classes, building dams on the river type of experiences and so on. But most of all, sitting around the fire, counting the stars and singing the guitar. That’s how Chalet Escape was born.


These are just a few of the happy kids at the Chalet:

1013240_179962845515460_1693615059_n 1003033_179963642182047_2023990285_n 945941_179963838848694_1369615412_n


Because this is what it is after all. It’s all perfect in every moment. It all has the meaning we put in it. We do create our own reality. The vision we create for our life brings towards us exactly that. We are the children of the Universe and the more we drift away in our boxes (cellphone box, TV box, lunch box, beer box, cubicle box, car box, tube box, room box) the more we lose the real purpose we have here:


We are here to create!

Every single thought we broadcast is a creation floating around or turning into reality. I see life as balloons of energy, some brighter, some darker, some with destinations, just like mail carriers, some just drifting at the top of the trees. But one thing is for sure: life is perfect in every given moment. It is in balance and it is to be lived fully and created with thought. And we are the ones envisioning every single bit of it.


That was just my mindset, 6 months a go when I realized: I am alive, I got it, I’m moving on, I am running again. That’s when I said, I am going to London, I am ready now. I am healed and I am happy.

So I came here, in London at the end of 2013. I’ve been running since the day I set foot on this land, 1000 kilometers in the past 200 days. I will never stop.


I met Ovidiu, and Simone, and Lia, and Ben. I met crazy Piter (he’s not as crazy as I am) and I met Francesca. I just love my life and I mean it!


I started a business, meant to inspire people, meant to help and meant to bring humans together at the table of Nature.

It is called Kash-Root and people ask my why this name, why the mix?

I always say it has to do with the root of abundance in the modern perception. One cannot describe a path and convince people to walk on it, if is not performed in the common language of the time. So that’s what I am doing! Putting it into modern phrasing!


What Kash-Root does is distribution of healthy, natural products, foods and non-foods. It is about things that will awake that part inside of us that has to do with happiness and not with conformance. The one that has to do with being universal and not being boxed.


Cause that is all that matters and all there is in the end.

This is it and it is perfect.

From Nothing, Who I am right Now,

I create the possibility 

Of being Inspiring and Universal and Happy and Abundant!!!

What possibility do you create Today?


Am I still sick, I don’t know!
Do I care about diagnostics and pills? Surely, not!
Do I love my life? Absolutely! Every single bit of it!


Me, Now:


Marius Spiridon – https://www.facebook.com/ktistai.haihui



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