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Healing Work – A Light Workers Path

By Kaysen Asante |

This is for all those who feel drainers in their lives. Who are  and feelers of any kind and are affected by energies. When you research on the internet, in books or journals, there are many names given, for example, Light Workers, Angels of Light, Healers and so forth. For the purpose of this article I will use the term ‘Spiritual Healer’.

”A Spiritual Healing is defined as overcoming the spiritual root causes of problems through spiritual means.” [1]

A Spiritual Healer works with individuals and groups to get to the root cause of a problem to move forward in life. Our light brings liberation where people feel free to be their authentic self and tune into their true purpose in life. This is healing in essence, some may not be aware of it but an energy exchange as occurred and their energy level would have been affected by your light.

Light energy, unconditional love energy transcends all.


Being a spiritual healer myself I have found this journey somewhat interesting, challenging and magnificent! Knowing my uniqueness from a young child inspired me to write this blog for those born of the same, ‘gifted’ souls who came to earth to do great healing work for ‘Mother Earth’.

Growing up was not easy, from childhood to adolescence my own family did not understand me and were confused. I have been misunderstood so much that it became a norm! I knew in my heart who and what I was. I knew I was different and this gave me the strength I needed to stand in my own power.

You are not alone! 

We mostly feel that we are alone, but actually there are so many souls out there who feel the same. The only difference is, we have been separated. Separated from our own truths, separated from each other, ultimately disconnected from all. Especially when shoes are put on us from a young age, we are instantly disconnected from ‘mother earth’, we no longer feel the land, earth and gain energy, truth, wisdom and connection to nature. This is only one aspect of a separation, but at least time is of the essence for re-connection.

Before we begin do not allow fear to creep in and prevent you from using your gift.

Throughout I will provide some techniques to help guide you to prevent our fear based belief systems from taking over.

Types of Gifts

Many of us where born on earth with a natural gift. Some of us have been In touch with it from a young age, others still finding and most of us are playing and coming to terms with the gifts we have.

A gift in the heart means that you  have the ability to use energy to heal people in any form.  Here are a few examples that may resonate with you;

– through your voice; singing, public speaking
– through being creative; model making, art, sculpture
– through hands on healing; Massage, Reiki, Reflexology
– through using different aids; crystals, musical instruments
– through your presence, essence and aura
– through being your authentic self

Some or none may resonate because the list is endless and is unique to you.

Using your gift without fear

Knowing that there are many ways to heal people, our energy is so powerful it can affect people in many ways. Using energy to help others, to support them emotionally, to empower the mind, body and spirit is healing. We do not have to label it as spirituality or religion, it is just as simple as supporting the ‘life’s cycle’.

When we embrace in doing acts that help positive progress, this is positive evolution and creation, which is forever moving and changing.

Spiritual Healing makes people feel better, gives them clarity, direction, guidance and supports them to make positive changes.

We can only open the door but individuals ultimately have the choice. As they say, ‘You can walk a horse to the lake to drink water, but you cannot make the horse drink the water’. ‘Want to make God laugh, make a plan.’ Why, because you have choice but creation will unfold with all of lives contributions, therefore collective contribution in evolution.
Acknowledge your gift – Embrace your gift – Use your gift – help yourself – help others

Along our path we may have fear, fear based belief systems or you may hear a voice in your head being the critic and the self doubt. Acknowledge and observe. Let’s not forget, that a fear based belief system can serve us if we recognise the lesson involved. Important to allow it propel us forward rather than keep us stuck. Focus also on the positive, what serves us and helps us.

The unknown, most of the time scares us. We have been nurtured by the media, our community and our society as a whole. All has contributed to us creating fear based belief systems. Once we have these fear based belief systems we run away from our gifts, our power to heal.

As we are naturally gifted and can feel or sense energy. We natural have the ‘instinct’  to feel if something is wrong or right. We have the strength from within to empower the situation, feel comfortable to use our healing abilities for the good of all.

Don’t hold back. Walk, breath and live in your power.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in environments that make our energy levels become low. For example, you may experience symptoms much us tiredness, energy drain, nausea or actually feel the pain body. We may have signs and symptoms of an illness or disease occurring. Why? Because the environment we are in is a low vibration and our energy field has been affected. We are open and receiving low vibration energy which manifests into different forms.

Remember low vibrations will try its hardest to bring a high vibration to its level.

When we feel we are in a negative, low vibration environment, we need to stand in our own power and we need to protect. Protect our own energy field.

A simple technique which is promoted and used by energy masters, practitioners, indigo children by default and even Oprah Winfrey, this is called the protection ring.

Imagine a ring of white light that surrounds your whole body. You are surrounded by a bubble of purity, of light, straight from source, from unconditional love. Nothing can penetrate through this. Only unconditional love can.

We need to protect ourselves all the time. All the time.

We need to stand in our power all the time. All of the time.

We need to be comfortable and happy to walk in the shoes of a healer and contribute to collective evolution for the benefit of all existence.

I send you strength. I send you empowerment. I send you belief.

I am strong. I am empowered. I believe in myself. I am powerful. I am healer. I am life cycle supporting life.

By Kaysen Asante









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