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Heart Healing: 3 ways to begin your journey…

Heart Healing: 3 ways to begin your journey…

by Jody Shield

 Heart Healing is incredibly transformational, and an essential part of any relationship journey, especially with yourself. The technique of Heart Healing involves a really deep and thorough clearing-out of all the old stuff: emotions, beliefs about love, trauma and unhealed memories. Once this is in-progress…WOW you know it! And your whole world changes around you.

The clearing-out of old emotions, memories and trauma creates space for a fresh, new love full of opportunities. You see things in your partner, you didn’t notice before. Heart healing or clearing offers a reconnection back to your truth and who you really are. You learn to speak from your authentic self about what really matters to you, without emotional layers and old beliefs clouding your judgement. Its like seeing the world, and your relationship in a completely new way.

And if you’re single?

Healing your heart sounds an obvious and necessary remedy after a break-up BUT it’s also essential to do now, if you want to massively improve your life!

The heart is a brain. Oh yeah. It has 40k brain cells, a nervous system and secretes hormones just like the brain does. When you learn to live more from the heart, you live from authenticity, with love and WITHOUT fear. This means you attract more amazing things in, and your life becomes easier. Sounds good right?

 I focus on moving you more into the heart, and help you clear out old emotions, memories and trauma to create space for new love and experiences to come in. So what you waiting for…?

Here are 3 ways to begin the heart journey:

1) Consciously reconnect to your heart through heart breathing.

Focus your attention on the area around your heart, in the centre of your chest. Place your hand over the area to keep your attention there. Breathe deeply but normally and imagine your breathe is coming in and going out through your heart area. Keep breathing. Think about someone you love, nature or a special place you love to go and re-experience the feeling. Allow the feeling and love to fill your whole heart and every cell in your body. Stay with the feeling as long as you can and keep breathing into your heart area.

2) Practice speaking from your heart.

Put yourself in a situation (if you’re feeling brave, a tricky one) with a partner, family member or friend, breathe into your heart (as explained above) feel into your emotional intelligence in the heart and speak from that place. It’s very different than using your brain to communicate. Try it and keep practising. Your communication style will change.

3) Meditate into the heart.

Use my heart meditation to consciously start moving yourself into the heart. Email me info@jodyshield.co.uk if you haven’t had it.

‘H e a l  y o u r  H e a r t’

 Big heart-felt LOVE xxx

Jody x




About Jody Shield

Jody Shield - Highly Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner, mastering the Energy Healing Techniques of EFT and Light Grids Practitioner - Trained in the Light Grid Healing Technique™ Via Damien Wynne (Founder of Light Grid Healing Technique) Jody is quickly becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s corporate high fliers, musicians, artists and creative types. Having left a career in advertising, Jody has carved out a new path as a highly intuitive practitioner setting about to solve all our modern woes - one stressed-out, lost and pained Londoner at a time. Guided by a powerful intuition, Jody likes to keep things simple. Using transformational healing techniques, practical life-changing coaching and psychological insight has earned her an army of fans.She can tap into the deep-seated and often deeply hidden issues and pains of our past, both physical and emotional, without the need for digging up uncomfortable memories we’d rather forget. Instead, Jody uses guided meditation and intuitive healing during her sessions to bring our emotional obstacles to the surface and then work through them to a happier, stronger, and more loving path. Jody’s clients are Musicians, Artists, Models, Lawyers, Brokers and Entrepreneurs. Both male and female, of all ages, they make up the varied landscape of any thriving city scene.Her clients come to her for all kinds of reasons: suffering from physical pain, anxiety, family trauma and eating disorders, having difficulty sustaining a relationship, struggling with finances, or simply feeling directionless. After Jody’s sessions, the main benefit her clients gain is the ability to accept and increase their self-love, which in turn brings more love and acceptance into their lives. They also gain an insight into their physical and psychological conditions and experience a deep release of old trauma and emotions held in the body. What is remarkable is that Jody’s clients actually physically feel calmer, happier and more content with life. Having learned many of her techniques working with spiritual healers and when visiting tribes in South America, Jody’s work is also influenced by her natural infectious enthusiasm, passion and uplifting energy. A certified EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, Light Grids Practitioner and Meditation Practitioner with a busy private practice in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, Jody also has a growing international client list via Skype. Jody’s also an inspirational speaker; speaking regularly at events in the UK. She has an ongoing residency at Shoreditch House’s Health and Wellbeing events. Jody has always put her personal situations and her own relationship and life struggles to good use in her current work. One of the main areas she works in with her clients is a universal one - love and relationships. Here, Jody has facilitated huge transformations for those who struggle to find love and keep it. Her personal transformation from a deep fear of intimacy and low self-worth into a sexy and confident lover full of unconditional love is something she talks openly about and believes everyone can go through and totally transform their relationships and self-love. Jody worked for 10 years in the corporate world in a large advertising agency and here gained excellent insight into the stressful and demanding conditions employees face, and how to deal with them. Jody now facilitates monthly group meditations at Shoreditch House and other corporate offices, just for that purpose and also runs workshops and group sessions at different locations across London and Europe. With her corporate clients, Jody often used self-help techniques to reduce stress, release limiting beliefs, fears and psychological symptoms. Straightforward, contemporary and aware of the everyday issues we face, Jody believes self-help and inner healing should be available in an easy-to-digest way. She translates spiritual healing into the modern day without any of the frills or fluff, and is a new leader in self-help and healing for the New Age.

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