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Helping you, Helping me. How I overcome my obstacles..

Caroline Edwards |

IMG_1915Looking back over the recent past it seems life went from being all rainbows and roses to pretty much doom and gloom in my circle of friends.

Still can’t believe how carefree we used to be, no money troubles, working dead-end jobs but managing to pay for a lifestyle that had us traveling and having wild adventures.

Not sure at what point that all stopped but one after the other we seemed to hit rock bottom, love, money, work – LIFE!

I think that’s what seems to happen though and I know and understand now that you have to be in darkness before you can truly appreciate the light. I most certainly was not prepared for my downfalls and what life threw my way but that’s the beauty of it I suppose.

Does a caterpillar know what an amazing life it has ahead of it and how beautiful and graceful it will turn out to be before it wraps itself in darkness, or the seed who gets buried in the dirt know what beauty awaits it after it spends so long without seeing the light?

After what seemed like a lifetime of hurt after hurt, trip and fall after trip and fall, fail after fail to a point where all I could feel was darkness and despair ahead of me, I got offered a helping hand. A good friend came to me with an opportunity – nothing I could really see myself succeeding in…

I was scraping to get by exhausting myself working three jobs, living back with my parents at the age of thirty-three after losing my life to a knee injury, money pressure, and just simply the pressure of not knowing what the hell I was going to do with my life all weighing down on my shoulders. Those amongst a million other things, I just really couldn’t see a way out.

So at first I was intrigued, sounded too good to be true, something I was interested in, but like most, all I seen was change, people hate change, stepping out of what they know, breaking the boundaries of their comfort zone, the unknown.

I asked myself a million questions, the wrong person to ask because no way was I qualified to answer those questions, probably didn’t ever get to the stage of even trying to answer them and just threw the opportunity under the pile of other accumulated crap in my room and got on with my rubbish life. A month or so went by and she contacted me again.

IMG_5937Now I’m not going to say she forced me – “you’re going to do this because I know you will be amazing” were along the lines of the words she used. My response to that was probably a nervous laugh, me be amazing?? My life was worth shit, I had zero confidence and I knew absolutely nothing about the opportunity she was telling me about and truthfully wasn’t even that interested in finding out.

The main thing I remember was being told it was about helping people, and ‘ what I do best. I’d walk to the ends of the earth for my loved ones – sometimes for people I don’t even know that well, so to do that and get paid….. I agreed to give it a go (I’m sure she wont mind me saying I had no choice)

I threw myself into learning, I loved it and I got the chance to help so many people, was my dream! Eventually started getting my confidence back and started to see the sunny side of life again. Far from ok but just had that little spring in my step for the first time in years. I shared the opportunity with the people around me too and they were doing the same. We got a great little thing going between us and I was so grateful for those few little changes, a lease of life.

About a year in, a good friend of mine came to me with a problem. I’d been through a similar situation the year before so we ended up spending a lot of time together, I helped out where I could but he got worse and worse and ended up loosing his life. It was an absolute tragedy and knocked me for six, a good five months passed and I had hit rock bottom again. This wonderful opportunity seemed to be a distant memory – nothing could shake the ground I was buried in.

Another good friend whom I appreciate massively would talk to me every day and make sure I was eating correctly and getting myself to the gym, sure I put him through his paces with my incessant whining and moaning, cancelling sessions and giving up at every opportunity I could find but he stuck by me every day and helped me to see the light again.

I don’t know how I picked myself up again but something eventually just switched. I felt a million times better, looked better, trained harder, worked more efficiently and absolutely smashed every goal I set myself.

Its been a rocky road and I know I’m not there yet, but as the saying goes:

“LIMG_2727ife is a roller-coaster, you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride”

It has most certainly been a roller-coaster, so far and my life plan has gone completely out of the window. I think the sooner you realise you can’t plan for life the better and the sooner you just go with the flow the smoother the ride will be.

So what has this opportunity given me?

Its given me hope when all I knew was despair, I can now actually start planning my future, look forward to traveling the world and building the lifestyle I crave without having to worry about work getting in the way.

Its given me money of course, superficial I know but all important. Paying off the debts I accumulated when I was out of work for nearly a year after hurting my knee is pretty high on the agenda. It’s something I massively struggled with for years. I know now I don’t need to worry about that.

Its given me the chance to help other people. A massive big fat “why” for me. I’ve helped people on the road to achieving their dreams, helped people set up their own businesses, helped people struggling with their debts, people who wanted to spend more time with their children and most importantly to me, I’ve helped people with their health naturally, something which I’m hugely passionate about.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes

So two years down the line I now only work doing the things i truly love and enjoy. The things that fill me full of energy and smiles. I work running my own business within this wonderful opportunity that was offered to me two years ago, and I teach two dance classes a week with kids that I adore – and not because I need to, but because I want to. Now I’m earning a full time wage from part time hours, with no more draining day to day work that I hate, taking up my precious time.

What is this amazing opportunity?? Well if you want to know you will have to find out, I would love to share this with anyone and everyone who feels they need something like this in their life. You don’t have to be in the depths of despair but if you want something extra, you want a little bit more out of your life, to take back control and have the precious time we all crave to do whatever it is you love then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to share the opportunity that was offered to me – My Lifeline.

Caroline Edwards

Email: carolineedwardss14@gmail.com



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