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Here Are Five Ways Nature Can Help Repair Your Energy Body

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Crystals, sound healing, diet, meditation, prayer, fasting, chanting, psychedelics, healing modalities, and breathing exercises are common methods spiritual seekers use to help them improve their metaphysical abilities. Unfortunately, some of these methods are not always readily available or feasible (or sometimes even legal!) for everyone to try for themselves. As someone who assists others in developing their intuition, I find that there is one method that is almost always available and totally free: nature.

Dictionary.com defines “nature” as, “The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”

This “phenomena” has a really quite amazing effect on the energy body. It heals, restores, cleanses, and much more. What’s even more incredible is that each of the many aspects of nature (different environments, herbs, trees etc.) help to facilitate different types of energy healing. So really there is an unlimited number of combinations available to you at any given place on the planet.

Did you have a favorite tree that you liked to climb when you were little? Or flower you liked to pick? You may not have realized it then, but that tree and those flowers each had a unique energetic fingerprint that brought you healing on some level.

Why is this relevant?

Because it means that even if you don’t have access to the lush Amazon forest, you can still tap into the awesome power of nature with even one flower or small garden.

Here are 5 ways nature can help repair your energy body:

1. Grounding Scattered Energies

Being immersed in a beautiful forest is an incredibly grounding experience. But even if you don’t have access to a wooded area, meditating with a plant or even holding it for a few breaths can help settle your mind and calm your emotions. We need to “ground” our energies when we’re overwhelmed or not thinking clearly, or when we need to get back to the fundamentals in life.

2. Cleansing Negativity

Besides having a nutritionally therapeutic effect, plants also benefit us by cleansing our energy. Because they are rooted in the earth, they have this wonderful ability to pull off sticky energies in the aura and release them into the ground. You can try this out by meditating with a plant or walking barefoot outside. After a few minutes, check in with your energy level. Your body and mind will often feel “lighter” or “clearer.”

3. Energizing and Uplifting the Spirit

If you have the opportunity to surround yourself with a beautiful natural setting, you have access to an abundance of energy. It’s unfortunate, but many of us rarely have a chance to get outside and soak up all that goodness the Earth has to give us.

When we do get that chance, it’s like the body behaves like a dry sponge, absorbing the abundance of energy that can be found by a body of water, a forest, or even in a garden. Depending on how depleted you are, this “absorption process” can take a great deal of time. But even five minutes a day is a great way to start giving back to your body and replenish its energy sources.

4. Healing with Sound

If you can’t immerse yourself in nature, just listening to its healing sound is incredibly soothing for the mind and the soul. Chirping birds, a babbling brook, ocean waves slapping against the shore, the pitter-patter of rain hitting the ground: these are all sounds that are incredibly beneficial. If you can’t get to an ocean, just listening to the sound of waves on your headphones can help bring you into a state of peace.

Below is a pretty cool track for meditation and relaxation. It includes the many beautiful sounds of the ocean as well as isochronic tones to help induce a state of deep peace.

5. Healing with Colour

You may not realize it, but the colours that you surround yourself with have an effect on your energy. Colours can be used for protection, healing, and cleansing, or to help rebalance the chakras. For example, the greens and browns of a forest are wonderful for the heart chakra, the deep blue of the ocean assists with cleansing, the brilliant golden sun helps to restore energy and rebalance the solar plexus chakra, and the rich red of a rose is both cleansing and grounding for the root chakra.

The above examples just barely scratch the surface of how wonderful nature is for healing and restoring us. So look to nature to help deepen your meditative practice, reenergize your spirit, and bring your mind into a peaceful state. Tell us about your favorite “nature spot” in the comments below. =)


by Danielle Fagan

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