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Justina Geneviciute |

I’m high!!!

On life

On love

On ecstasy of my living.

I’m high as a kite

From emotions I’m feeling.


I’m high

On friendships

On music

On art

I’m high just to be here

On this earth

At this time.


I’m not scared if I fall

I’m not scared if I fly

I’m not scared if you leave me

Because this is part of my life.


I’m high when I think of you

I’m high when you’re not here

I’m high when I see no end

I’m high when what is left is today.


I’m high

On life!

On freedom of my Self

I’m high

On knowing

What is gone is being left behind…


About The Author

My name is Justina. I’m a free spirit, poet, veggie, adventurer, tech house lover and Ibiza child. Here to explore the world, FEEL life and to LOVE everyone.

You can find my blog on: www.playgroundformysoul.com



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