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Homemade Winter Vegetable Soup

Homemade Winter Vegetable Soup

Homemade Winter Vegetable Soup

A hot bowl of homemade soup has to be one of the most inviting meals on a cold day. Delicious healthy soup recipes are easy to follow, and will produce surprising results with a minimal amount of effort. Homemade soup also freezes well. If you make a large pot, you can freeze what is left. This can be a real plus for a busy family on the go.

Delicious homemade soup can also take care of lunches for the working family. Soup can easily be put into a container for heating later at the job, or put hot into a thermos ready to eat. Soup is great if you are feeling run down. I don’t think anyone can deny, that when you have a cold or the flu, nothing makes you feel better that a hot bowl of homemade soup.

Adding healthy soup recipes to your regular list of meals, are the benefits of weight loss. Soup can be very good for losing weight when you control what goes into the pot. By using low sodium, low fat broth, and eliminating fatty meats, and excessive salt, you can make a delicious low calorie soup using a combination of vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Combine that with a salad, and you now have a delicious and filling meal. Soup is a meal that offers many benefits, and making homemade soup extends these benefits by being able to control the ingredients and eliminate unnecessary chemicals, and excessive salt.

The facts are in. Soup is just a meal that makes people happy when they have some 🙂



Garlic cloves

Handful of mustard seeds •

Handful of thyme

Handful of mixed herbs

Parsley roughly chopped

Large heaped tablespoon Turmeric

A stack of large tomatoes

Red peppers

Sweet potatoes






1 glass red wine (Optional)

2 chillies (optional)

Around 1 litre plus water

Kalo Organic vegetable stock (available supermarket)

Half lemon juice


Take 1 litre of distilled water, add ingredients together.

Simmer the soup over a few hours

Serve and enjoy!

Namaste x



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