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How Breathwork Can Support Us In Challenging Times

These past years have been intense, to say the least. With so much chaos and confusion, a very clear shift is happening in the world. A lot of the old ways don’t seem to feel satisfying to us anymore. A lifetime of work with just 2 weeks holiday a year doesn’t feel like a fair trade, people are starting to care more about their health, and realise the importance of having free time and a creative purpose rather than just earning money to buy things and staying busy.

When we are continuously busy pushing our bodies to the limit, with work and family commitments, we end up having to numb out our emotions with food or addictions just to cope, with prices rising and much pressure and uncertainty seeming to loom ahead of us, we can be feeling even more exhausted and asking ourselves is this really worth it?

We may be feeling by this point, a certain kind of way… whether your fears are about government choices, or the uncertainty of what’s ahead, …or if it’s because you can’t survive your job anymore, or your having trouble paying your bills, or find you have committed to a life that is not satisfying as you thought.

Sometimes we need a safe space to just BREATHE.

Breathwork offers this type of space, to turn inwards and to see what’s really getting on top of us, so we can address it, create inner freedom, and think more clearly. It helps us to connect to feelings that are desperate to be felt, and maybe are either clouding our judgment, or giving us a lot of pain and dis-ease. Sometimes we need to give ourselves the space to process everything that’s happened.

We often just keep on going until we break. Our bodies start to suffer, or our minds. When It really doesn’t need to get to that point…

We are all somewhat emotionally blocked up anyways, growing up perhaps in families or communities where emotions were not valued but hidden. Where we would be told off for getting angry or upset. Where we learned to hide what we were feeling, put on a brave face and get on with things and be “strong”.

Or we may have been through certain traumas in our life, but all the same, carried on bravely and just forgot about it.

Times like these with societal pressures increasing, unresolved traumas may come up to the surface. Or the everyday stresses of life could be building up inside, leaving you feeling like a ticking time bomb, desperate for relief or escape, yet unable to relax.

Breathwork was truly the answer to many of my problems. It showed me a very practical and easy way that anyone can directly experience in a safe space their true feelings, and let the feelings be moved, not leaving them stuck inside the body.

So many suffer “anxiety” and I personally do not even like the word. Anxiety is a soup of various emotions with a baseline of fear. These fears and emotions need to be listened to, and understood, not pushed away or ignored, as they will keep knocking louder.

It could be that there are some unresolved issues stuck inside your body that just need the breathing space to be heard, held, and processed. So that you can get on with your life.

Breathwork dives in deep and fast, and by utilising bodywork can very easily start to shift these rigid energies that could have been lurking there since childhood. It can give us the confidence to experience all emotions, and enjoy self-expression, and feel more open and connected to life.

It can give us space to breathe deeper, feel more relaxed and energised.

Breathwork helps us to circulate the energy in the body, giving us better health, and a calmer disposition.

In times like these and in any times, we are realising how detrimental it can be to one’s life if we bury our true emotions.

The times are changing and we understand the need to communicate and express how we feel and talk about our emotions.

Breathwork takes healing even deeper into the body, to allow for the true release of what we are still holding onto physically in our tissues and our cells, without the need to sit and talk with a therapist for hours.

The body knows exactly what it is ready to release, and with the power of the breath, this can be a powerful and also pleasurable experience.

These are issues we are walking around with every day of our lives, so giving ourselves the space and time to process these things, will only make your journey easier and lighter…

For me, breathwork was a lifesaver, and I’ve seen it save many others too…. It supports us in practicing a tool that should be readily available to us in every moment of life anyways…. The power of breathing and feeling and expressing.

We have not been taught the importance of these things, nor supported in our expression, so breathwork truly is a gift that can help us to heal and reconnect with ourselves and ultimately with each other.

Lisa Li has been practicing breathwork and meditation for the past decade, she is a qualified biodynamic breathwork and trauma release practitioner, and a myofascial energetic release facilitator. She has created her own workshop called the Breath Ceremony which she has been travelling with for the 5 years leading up to lockdown. She is now residing in the middle UK holding space and supporting her clients to bring in more light into dark spaces, using the power of breath, sound, and movement.




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