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How can I become more grateful

How can I become more grateful? Great tip..

You might ask yourself – How can I become more grateful? Becoming more grateful is something that you will never regret. Its one of the most amazing gifts to give…

When we become used to something we can take it for granted. We can become cocky and locked into our presumptions about the things we believe we have all figured out, unwilling to be open to the consistency of change taking place within those very things we supposedly know everything about.

We assume that just because change may be exceedingly slowly, that this must mean that no change (at least any change of consequence) is taking place and that therefore means that we no longer have to bother with paying attention to it.

So we stop being present and instead choose to view many things in life through the prism of our stagnant beliefs about them. This is the mental environment in which ingratitude is fostered.

The solution to how to break out of this dull, languorous, gratitude stymieing perception is quite simple. You must begin again to actually think and be present about things you feel no gratitude for.

It is true of All life, when you look once at something it will be one way; look again (and I mean really look again) and it will be something new. In every single moment, every single thing is brand new again. Being present is about being attentive to these changes even when they are exceedingly subtle.

When you learn to appreciate the ceaseless evolution of the things in your life you will grow in your gratitude for the things in your life. No two sunrises are exactly the same. The people in your life are constantly evolving.

Every breath you take has a unique rhythm all to its own. Sharpen your skill of tuning into these subtleties and you will know a richness in your life experience which is overflowing with gratitude.

Take nothing for granted.

Never assume you have anything all figured out because the thing you think you have all figured out, blink, and it’s something new…

How can I become more grateful?

Write a list of everything you are grateful for everyday for 15 mins. Even if its hard at first it will become easier. Before you know it you will feel amazing!



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