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How the judgemental self prevents us from unconditionally loving all things..

We all live in a world full of human beings who are loved, have someone they love, have been loved or are waiting for love to come into their lives.

Unconditional love is necessary for survival. Mother Earth, is called mother earth because it is born out of love. Every mother who bares’ a child loves that child unconditionally regardless if they have not been in the capacity to keep and look after them at the point of birth. Even when a child may born out of rape the mother may hold resentment, but the fact is, she will always love that human being that has grown inside of her. This is why women are able to bare children, women are born, gifted by nature with the strongest of the unconditional love energy. It is mother nature.

Of course, we cannot ignore the simple fact that there are mothers with a disturbed mind who are not in a capacity to love unconditionally, the majority of children if not loved again, do become lost.

Too many times we see and hear of children who are brought up in children homes who end up being the youth offenders of the time, dysfunctional and are disturbed individuals. Why? Because they have had inconsistent care givers, where the one major thing missing in their lives is unconditional love. It is that simple.

How does unconditional love serve purpose in our lives? Unconditional love grounds the human being and connects them to earth. The essence of life is unconditional love. Unconditional love is acceptance of everything and belief in creation. All living organisms are unconditional love energy formed into matter of a beautiful creation of existence itself.

An example for perspective! You see a tree stand side by side. More than likely we would judge the tree as beautiful throughout the year despite the leaves falling off during autumn and winter term. So, what do you think a tree would say to other tree?

”wow, you’re looking really tall today, your leaves look a bit rusty and can you please stop blowing in my way”.

Do trees judge another tree? or do they simply allow each other to blow and grow in natures course. Just let the tree be without any judgement. Neither tree judges the other. Why? Because unconditional love is non-judgmental.

Then there is us humans, what do us humans say to another human. Rather what do humans think, because we do not have the ‘guts’ to say it out loud.

”Wow, look at what that person is wearing, they look horrendous, I would never wear that. Please get out of my way, I don’t even want to brush past you.”

What does this all mean?

We humans find ourselves judging ourselves and others daily. Created by nature and born into a world of nurture. We are brought up by significant people, our community, our education, the negative media displayed on television, in magazines and newspapers. Everything dictates how we think and how we perceive our lives. Additionally, the internet and social networks have increased our capacity to compare ourselves and our lives with others. The brain is so conditioned, that it just happens naturally, that we find ourselves talking about someone else to a friend, neighbour or colleague. Making judgements after judgements, consciously and unconsciously.

So what do we do? What is the lesson to be learnt?

The lesson to be learnt, has already been learnt. We all feel what is true in our heart, we just need to listen to ourselves. Not the ego mind, the heart, the one that feels, our instinct, our own God power in essence. We are all born of unconditional love, as children we would remember but as we grow, our hearts and trust in the universe gets chipped away, chipped away and keeps getting chipped away.

Listen to the unconditional love energy that lives in all of us, male, female and in all living things. Become an observer of your thoughts and when a judgement comes in, send it away in love and send the person you was thinking about, love.

Do not be feared by it, understand that this is you, understand that you are a judgemental person because of different contributing factors. Accept this part of the self. Acknowledge, Embrace and Let Go!

We all need more love in our lives.

We need to be self less, give more and love everyone more.

This is the real war happening globally. The battle between unconditional love and ego.

Every moment you have a choice, you are responsible for all of your choices. Own them and own your life!

I love you and pray you all find your way back home, to the heart of mother nature!



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