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How to Access Intuition Through Body Awareness – Try this exercise

Would you like to experience an EVOLUTIONARY quantum leap?  Living consciously from heart-centred consciousness is the greatest evolutionary leap a person can give to themselves.  By simply connecting consciously to your heart-centre you make available to you instantaneous miracles and all the wisdom in the world.  Really it’s that simple.

Heart-Centred Consciousness is changing the world. When people focus on coming from heart-centred consciousness our inner power comes from that type of energy, heart-powered.  With heart-powered consciousness energy comes with the inspiration of a deeper sense of intuition, the emotional rewards of unconditional love, and a newfound level of inner creativity.

We are living in the time of the re-awakening to remember who we are and our purpose.    Living from Heart Centred awareness supports us in connecting to the deepest place within us to have access to infinite intelligence.  The only limits are our beliefs that say limitation exist.

We can access and activate heart-centred awareness by simple placing our attention into our heart-centre area.   By doing so with intention and focus you activated the connection with your voice inside.  The search engine of the body is the heart-centred area.

Medical research by Dr. Pearce is revealing that our actual brain is developed from our heart.   The brain is an extension of our heart. He has been gathering information from scientific studies around the globe that provide strong evidence that heart-consciousness is much more than just a metaphor.

In the case of working with heart-consciousness, it’s a matter of choosing to filter your experience through the awareness of your heart. When you place your consciousness on a patch of skin, you are able to receive whatever information those accumulated cells are available to relay to you. When you filter your consciousness through your heart, you are

Shifting your consciousness to your heart, and perceiving the world through it–at will–is attainable. It just takes practice. When you do so, much more comes in to you and much more moves out through you than occurs under brain power alone.

Try this fifteen minute exercise that will help you see for yourself.

Find a quiet space and time. Sit, or lie down. Place your right hand on your heart area and breathe. Just breathe for a while. If a thought or an image or a word comes in, just let it go. Don’t hold on to it or resist it, just let it pass through you. Breathe.

Breathe for a while, and when you feel ready, shift your attention to your heart as you breathe.

You may experience this as feeling your heart beating in your chest, feeling your blood pulsing through you, or, perhaps as a feeling of expansiveness in your chest. Once you know you’re there, keep breathing into your heart for a bit longer.

Now, while continuing to breathe and keeping your awareness on your heart, go to a mirror and look your self in the eyes. Look at yourself for five to 10 minutes.  Then record your experience in a journal.

We are on an EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY.  When you go within and connect with your heart source you transform the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs that stop you from embracing your full potential and living our life awake.

Using your connection to Heart Centred Consciousness gives you access to the infinite power and wisdom inherent within you to create, to heal, to transform and to live an awakened life. Y

our Heart-Centred Consciousness source is your own personal navigation system that leads you on a path towards living a life filled with inspiration, fulfilment, peace, and joy.

Loretta Mohl

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