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How to Become a Master Manifestor..

Achieving the goal of manifesting abundance in your life really is possible. It really does not matter where you’ve come from or who you really are. Having an abundant life will come from your desires, needs and wants.

Who you are right now, is simply a manifestation of those very thoughts, whether you made those thoughts consciously or not.

People who talk of manifesting abundance are really talking about the power of thoughts. The thoughts that you have, have shaped the life you are living. They started the moment you set foot in the world and have continued to today. Granted, as a baby, your thoughts were not very impressive. They were more about absorbing as much as possible of all the world around you. Your thoughts were tools.

Your thoughts and inner beliefs were taught to you by your parents, until you went to school. Once you went to school your peers and your teachers changed or influenced those beliefs. In school you were taught that life was full of hard knocks, and that the only people that have abundance in their lives were those that were born lucky or had good genes. Yes, I got told this at school!

Like me, maybe you were told it was that only people that were born lucky, had good genes or that worked themselves to death would live an abundant life. That the chances were greater that would live an ordinary life if you were lucky.

So maybe you were made to forget about your big dreams. Told to just be happy with your lot and not to want anything more. It is just like marrying just anybody or marrying your soul mate.

You are allowed to thrive. You can thrive. What is more, you deserve to thrive.

You must know that you deserve to manifest abundance. You have to know deep down in your soul that you deserve abundance. You have to understand that there are certain things that can make this become a reality for you.

Keep in mind that each of us is unique. While the cosmic laws are universal, they will manifest differently in each of our lives, much the way artists paint, they all use paint and canvas and brush, however it is the way they use those things that make them stand out. This is essential to keep in the forefront of your mind. Manifesting abundance is not about keeping up with the Jones’s.

For you, when you manifest abundance in your life it could mean that you get married… it could not. An abundant life for you may be having more money then you know what to do with… or having just enough to take care of what you really need.

What matters most of all is what he wants in his heart. Manifesting abundance means showing and implementing all of the heart’s desires. It actually means living up one’s dreams and fantasies.

So. What does it take to manifest abundance? What are the cosmic laws that you must align yourself with regardless of who you are?

You must know you deserve you dreams. If this is difficult for you to get maybe finding a quiet spot to think or meditate on the internal things of your person. You have been told and taught that you cannot accomplish this so you must re-program yourself to actually believe in having an abundant life.

You should always know why you want something. You have to keep this at the forefront of your mind, otherwise you are going to manifest things that once you have them, you aren’t going to want them. This will then be counterproductive in manifesting abundance.

Once you know what it is you want let your dreams take a hold of you. Focus your energies on making this fantasy into reality.

The fact is that we cannot manifest abundance without working our efforts out; sometime our work will make us feel so inspired, that in the end ultimately it wont seem work, for example like a professional basketball player giving his efforts to his profession and at the end of the day he is earning his abundance in terms of millions of dollars doing something they love.

Just allow things to take shape in your life instead of forcing them. Be patient and know that it is coming like something in the mail.

Your lifetime dreams are waiting for you; you need to move towards them to manifest abundance.



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